Date: 28th May 2006 at 3:35pm
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Clubcall have a ridiculous article linking Portsmouth to a move for Aston Villa striker Milan Baros.

Villa’s top scorer last season, who scored for the Czech Republic last week, has been linked to Paris St Germain and Monaco but this report suggests Harry Houdini Redknapp has given up on landing Andy Johnson from Crystal Palace and will turn his attention to a £5million bid for Baros.

Sorry, but that is the worst rumour I’ve seen, Villa would not sell their prize asset for under the £6.5million they paid for him last summer to bring him from Liverpool.


13 Replies to “Baros For £5m? Don’t Make Me Laugh.”

  • It might just come true though as your chairman said you will have to sell in order to buy. With 5mill you could easily buy two good young English players

  • linvoy#1, you have no idea what your talking about. we could only just sign Milner for that money, and why would baros join portsmouth?? thats a step back for any player

  • Christ you paid 5mill for Milner you got ripped off.
    So groseyboy i’ll laugh in your face when you get relagated next season and we have Baros

  • A step back eh?! Villa are prime candidates to go down next year, if you had not have scraped a win against Sunderland and played Birmingham when they were under-strength, then you would be down now!!! Just look at the table to the right for the facts!!!

  • lol blindle, we have the backing of a billionair and he is giving us a budget of over £20million, so yes i do think the mighty pompey will spend more than villa and if you really need a sneak peak of where we will be playing in the 2007/2008 season look a

  • linvoy#1 Baros is over valued, he plays a few decent games in Euro04 and suddenly he’s supposed to be a world beater. You watch him in ‘run of the mill’ premiership games and alot of the time he cant seem to be bothered. As a villa fan i hope he performs

  • If he goes to Portsmouth for £5m or less I will take it as conclusive proof that Mr Ellis is officially mentally Ill and call for him to be sectioned

  • lol I totally agree andrew144 Fratton Park is a S**t hole but the atmosphere is damn good
    And I agree about Baros, but he is a good player when he actually works

  • Surely it’s all balls at the moment? You don’t sell a player like Baros before the World Cup. That would be absolutely ridiculous.

  • There is no way a Player like baros will go to pompy, if he leaves Villa it will be for a better club and more than 5mil

  • He wants Champions League not Championship. I think that crazy Russian with all the money must be deaf as well as…

  • linvoy and blindle your club is a non-entity, your supporters are worthless and your town is an irrelevant provincial turd. Nobody could care less about what you think.

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