Date: 24th January 2007 at 3:36pm
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Milan Baros says that he was on his way to Chelsea but the deal fell through because Shaun Wright-Phillips didn’t want to move to Villa Park.

Baros told my daily paper, Czech Sport: ‘I agreed with Chelsea. It was practically a finished thing. Everything broke down over the fact Wright-Phillips did not want to go to Aston Villa. And coach O´Neill told me that without any replacement, he would not let me go as he would not have any strikers left.’

He also says he talked with Jose Mourinho, jeez, imagine them two together, they’d be fighting over the mirror and the doors would have to be widened so both ego’s could fit into a room.

‘We just spoke about the match. Just after the game in the tunnel he told me that he wanted me to join the team and asked me if I was interested. I told him so. But it did not happen in the end.’

Hope Jose had permission with Villa to ask that after the game?!?

He also was asked if he was sorry the move didn’t work out and Baros diplomatically replied: ‘I would be sorry if I went to a worse club, but now I am at Lyon.’

Adding about his spell at Villa which saw him as top scorer in the first season and an outcast virtually this season: ‘I was injured, the club fought against relegation in the first season. They are close to the bottom again. This does not help an individual and it is difficult to shine. And we did not play in Europe. I do not want to make excuses, Aston Villa was not a good contract for me and I am glad it is over.’

That’ll go down well, oh well, if that is his attitude, sod him, we’ve the better end of the deal with the John Carew arrival anyway according to our last poll:

Vital Villa asked who had the best end of the swap deal:

Lyon getting Baros 5%
Villa getting Carew 81%
About equal 11%
Unsure 3%


52 Replies to “Baros Glad He Has Left Villa”

  • Hopefully his diatribe won’t affect our chances of signing anyone else. Why mention it? He’s basically saying He’d have moved to Chelsea instead of Lyon, which won’t endear him to Lyon fans.

  • Just proves what a miserable b****rd he is. I’m now glad he’s gone. MON was right to dump him. Good riddance.

  • That is great because we are all happy, as regards he saying he is happy to be gone effecting other players wanting to come to us, I doubt it very much as he flopped at Liverpool as well.

  • Wonder where he will be in 18 months time when he’s shown he aint quite as good without Koeller the side of him and Nedved behind?
    Not at Chelski I reckon!

  • Him going on about how we are low in the league. It would never occur to the prat that perhaps if he had scored a few more goals we wouldn’t be. Good riddance to the bloke, he never looked liked he wanted to play for us anyway.

  • kentvilla… i doubt it. He’ll probably be anonymous yet again, like he was at villa and liverpool. Good riddance to an over hyped player.

  • I do not want to make excuses,…………. well dont, enjoy your new club and put your failings at Aston Villa behind US.

  • I was a big fan and defender of Baros, however, forget the performances on the pitch i now have no doubts whatsoever it was this type of attitude which led to his sale.

  • Milan, shut the F**K up and score a goal. Stop trying to ustify your existence by blaming AVFC for your abject failure. Now can we get rid of the other long-haired, overpaid, utterly slow, overrated “striker” that is currently wasting valuable turf space at Bodymoor?

  • Now if Villa got Wright-Phillips i certainly would be wary of facing them, with the pace of Young, Agbonlahor and Wright-Phillips in your side it can only do you good. Still think Lennon is better though.

  • Interesting to hear that Jose Mourinho was having a chat with him in the tunnel after the match – tapping up me thinks!

  • Classy comments which should guarantee him a warm reception at Villa Park when we’re back in Europe and facing Lyon – what a tool. I’d rather have Savo in the team than Baros any day of the week….come to think of it, I’d rather have Balaban! 🙂

  • Baros was a sulker at Liverpool, a sulker at Villa and he’ll be a sulker wherever he goes. As far as I’m concerned he has gone to a weaker league

  • Baros may do well at Lyon, as the French league is weaker but I have my doubts because of his attitude. The SWP bit fits what I have thought all along that he thinks he can make it at Chelsea and won’t leave, except for Arsenal or Manure perhaps.

  • i i say i saw monhonaos walk of together and mourinho had his arm round baros talking to him, so it was obvious to me that he was after him. oh well sod him
    john carew
    you know what he is going to do
    he is going to score for u
    john carew

  • I would love to see SWP at Villa but id he is hoping for Arsenal or Man Utd to come in for him then he’ll be waiting a long time, especially for the mney that is being asked for him.

  • OneAaronLennon constructive comment for a change and I agree! can’t believe the Swedish idiot didn’t play Lennon in The World Cup.
    SWP was never going to come to us permanently, he’d be silly to do it now anyway, Chelski are still challenging on four fronts and he’s getting games. How do you think you guys will do tonight? Does Jol know his best side? You’ve been lucky with the cup draws, but I suppose you can only beat what’s put in front of you.

  • Mr Fear, you’ve made a typo! The title to this story should read “VILLA GLAD BAROS HAS LEFT!”

  • Nice to see the tw*t is bitter and twisted. I just love it when greedy agents and players don’t get thier own way.

  • Must be true then! Not the fact that lazy boy is jealous that SWP is playing for the richest club in the World and challenging for four trophies?

  • Baros has it all to prove all over again. His star is shining nowhere near as brightly as it was when he arrived at Anfield, with a reputation proclaiming him to be the hottest young striker in Europe. His two spells at English clubs would suggest that on the premiership stage at least, he just wasn’t up to it.

  • I would not believe a thing that comes out of his mouth, what an arrogant ****. as stated if he had scored more and done his job we wouldn’t have been where we were in the league, It is now obvious his heart was not here, with that type of attitude he will fail wherever he goes.

  • I think Jol knows his best side, i just think his tactics are a bit dodgy. And as you say, the cup ties have been good to us and this will be a tough test.

  • Asked him for a prediction. Wish we’d had Spuds draws in the cups this season. Talking of Baros, remember when Doug signed him last season and though he’d signed the best player ever. Baros walked straight past him outside VP (that was my Baros Villa career highlight!)

  • The line that stands out to me is the fact that being near the bottom of the league does not help AN INDIVIDUAL to shine. Has he never realised it is a team game and everyone is in it together, the buck toothed eejit. And as for him scoring shed loads for Lyon, so could I in that league with the rest of the players in that team and I am 5ft 9 , 17 stone and 44 years old FFS

  • dont think chelski have to sell before they pay 5mill for s**t , dont kid yourself donkey, hope lyon realise that he is crap before they end up in the bottom half waiting fot his talent to shine

  • I don’t believe for one minute that Chelsea would want Baros, or swap SWP for him. Fergie had his arm round McCann going down the tunnel the other week, was he tapping him up ? don’t think so !

    Plus SWP, although obviously talented, was the most hyped up player for years and not the finished article, Chelsea just bought him to stop Man Utd from buying him and developing him.

    Now John Carew, does exactly what it says on the tin. Ask Cannavaro and Real Madrid !!

    Baros had a few decent games in the Euros, so what, remember Roger Miller ? Premier league material NOT

    Good luck to Baros, not that he needs it, my collie dog could score 20 a season out there.

  • good point astonmilan swp is or was over rated maybe mon didnt want him and did want carew, seems like a good deal to me. my collie is at present playing in the spl

  • Stourbridge Villan-you called it perfectly! Without Koeller and Nedved propping him up perhaps he’s only half the player. Too big for his boots-glad he’s gone. I hope we meet Lyon at some point and kick the crap out of them.

  • Be Interesting to see If the messgae boards are a full of Baros is he scores loads of goals in frogland. As for the Chelsea link Pfttt
    Never in a million years.

  • “This does not help an individual and it is difficult to shine” – two words mate, rearranged from CKUF and FFO. It’s more difficult to shine when you miss sitters over and over again until the entire fanbase wants to club you to death with your own hairdryer. Sod off into obscurity and let Villa be the ones to shine !!

  • If Chelsea were that interested in Baros I am sure they would have found the money from somewhere. I am sure he is using SWP as a smokescreen cause Baros and his mom told the media he was on his way to Chelsea.

  • Good riddance to him,especially after that childish outburst!
    He never had any passion for playing for us, even after he scored 2 against Small Heath (which I am eternally grateful!) his interview showed he’s got the personality of an ant!
    I’m more than happy we’ve got Carew instead of a player that is more concerned with trying to win fouls than the ball.

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