Date: 2nd March 2006 at 2:59pm
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The official site are asking for questions to be sent in to Milan Baros for the Villa magazine Claret and Blue.

‘Crosswesleyanchapel’ from the Vital Villa message board decided to take them by their word and sent in the following questions explaining: ‘There is a bit on the official Villa site asking for questions to pose to Baros. So I thought, why not 😉 ‘

Do you find it annoying that even though we could win a game 4 nil and you score a hat-trick, David O’Leary would rather big up the opposition ?

Are you amazed by Villa’s lack of ambition ?

Do you agree with all the supporters that Doug should have left Villa a long time ago and replaced by someone who knows that you HAVE TO SPEND money in order to achieve at least some success ?

We all know Doug has money, but he won’t spend it because he is a tight fisted old tyrant who is ruining our beloved football club. If you could have one player signed, who would it be ?

Do you think it is sad the fact that Mark Delaney has played his heart out at centre back and has been rewarded with sod all ?

A friend is writing a book on O’Learyisms i.e. explaining to all of us Villa supporters what he means by ‘an honest bunch of lads’, ‘my hands are tied’ etc. Do you have anymore you could add to his book ?

Can you believe that Jlloyd Samuel is a professional footballer ? We cant…

Why did David O’Leary buy Eric Djemba Djemba ?

Who cuts your hair ?

Us fans prefer the old round badge on the shirt, do you agree we should have it back ?

Do you think its an absolute disgrace/outrage/farce/joke that Doug has a stand named after him, and not a legend that we supporters actually have in our hearts ?

Why don’t you all admit that that David O’Leary is completely passionless, talks absolute shyte, is tactically inept and would rather be back at Leeds ?

With Ellis being tight with money, Kevin McDonald & Gordan Cowans are flying with the reserves, why dont they take charge of first team affairs ? Afterall, surely they are a cheaper option ?

Why do you run with your head down all the time ?

Do you wish you’d now signed for Lyon instead ?

If you have a good World Cup, would you jump ship if another big club came in for you ?

By Brian Brogden


13 Replies to “Baros Questioned By Fan!!”

  • Like it. I can’t quite see those questions being put on the OS though. You’re more likely to get: –
    What is your favourite colour? Mr. D. O’Leary (B6)

  • I dont think the OS appreciate humour. None of us who voted Fear for ‘Supporter of the Year’ had any feedback. 😉

  • Not that I read “Match” mag anymore but my stepson had it and there was an interview with him in there. Nothing exciting

  • Sales of Claret and Blue would go through the roof. It would become a collectors item. Would also like to see asked, the question, What promises were made to you during your discussions/negotiations, that have since proved to be outright lies?.

  • I should have said…. and finally, thank you ever so much Milan for providing me with comedy the day you signed. I can still see you completely oblivious walking across the car park with the pres hounding you, some old man tries to get your attention, yo

  • A question i would have liked to see is: “Do you practice diving in training or does it come naturally?”

  • i would have to ask ” do you know 11 players just like Ian taylor if so let ellis know then you can all f**k off”

  • Yes, his first ‘meeting’ with the grand old man of Villa Park provided us all with one of those very rare classic comedy encounters that will live in the memory for a lifetime. John Cleese couldnt have provided us with a more hilarious sketch. I dont pret

  • Brian you are spot on mate, voice of the fans every question says just what we are all thinking so lets see some answers.


  • Somebody should tell him that if he looked up he might score or set up a couple more up for others, and i would tell him to look interested on the picth aswell lazy git.

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