Date: 25th May 2006 at 1:29pm
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Vital Villa asked, following press talk linking Gareth Barry to Tottenham Hotspur, whether Villa should sell the left-sided midfielder.

61% in total said no, 51% of that total said Barry should be kept at all costs, 10% said sell at your peril Doug!

27% said he should be sold if the sum is over 27% and the remaining 12% said he should be sold if we can get £6million or more for him.

I’d not sell him, I’d make him captain, so there.


10 Replies to “Barry Gets Villa Fans Backing”

  • yeah but he wants to join a real team with ambition and not happy spending no money with a tight arse board and a grandad chairman!
    he probably also wants real football, european football and spurs are just about to crack out the passports and start a eu

  • would love to tell you to ‘f’ off and argue the points with you, but unfortunately I agree. 🙁

  • Barry needs to move to see how good he can be.At lowly Villa its easy for him to be the best player.

  • but would he prefer to stay at villa and be the star or be an average squad player at spurs? i bet he doesnt fancy playing in the championship in two seasons though..

  • theres little point in villa selling him, ellis will just steal the money and we’ll be left in the same state minus one good player.

  • “Abandon ship now”
    I did that 6 years ago, as i refuse to give that ******* Doug anymore of my cash.
    Up The Villa

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