Date: 2nd February 2007 at 6:16pm
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Gareth Barry says he ‘never gave up hope’ of gaining an England re-call and has thanked the fans for the faith they have showed in him.

In an interview on Villa World, he said:

‘I’m absolutely delighted and it just goes to show you can’t give up with things like this. I’ve always said I’d keep up my hopes, keep playing well and hopefully the chance would come. The fans have kept faith, the manager has spoken highly about my chances of playing for England and I’m thankful to everyone who’s backed me. Now I have to keep doing well for Villa. That’s what it’s all about, you get called up for England on the strength of your club performances.’

‘When you have been overlooked for so long and you’re waiting for your chance, it’s important you keep your head up and keep playing as well as you can at club level. That’s what I’ve tried to do. I’m delighted for the fans as well. At every game they’re singing my name for England and that means a lot. The website have backed me, even the local press have called for me to play for England for a long time, so I’m thankful to everyone in the area – especially the fans.’

He found out today via a phone call between Martin O’Neill and Steve McClaren. ‘As soon as the gaffer called me in, I had a feeling that might be it. Obviously I was delighted when it was the England manager on the other end of the phone and it was a good moment for me.’


22 Replies to “Barry Thanks The Villa Faithful”

  • about time too,now play him mclaren and give him what he deserves a start for england,not from bench when game pattern is ruined when all the silly subs are brought on! barry is class personified,pure quality.

  • I really hope this is not just a fruitless charade. Perhaps I am too cynical, but when I see statementĀ“s like ” it just goes to show you should never give up” , I canĀ“t help but think this is a stunt by McClaren to appear semi conscious and it means nothing for GB. Hope I am wrong.

  • I agree that McClaren is a grade “A” ***** but even he is not stupid enough to pick a squad member that he didn’t believe is good enough. Not saying he’ll start this game, or even play but he’ll now be a fixture in the squad and will come to the fore when McClaren sees how good he really is, first hand. Remember, despite having been arround at the highest level for, what feels like, an eternity, he’s still only young. Have faith, Gareth has!!!

  • Great news! Let’s just hope it’s not just 20 mins as sub then dropped for the next match. Barry deserves better.

  • Fully deserved. He’s been playing out of his skin, and has even stepped up a level since being awarded the club captaincy. He’s a credit to AVFC.

  • Hopefully he will get enough time on the pitch so the England management and fans get the chance to see what England have been missing all these years, go on Gareth make us proud son.

  • Barry is a model pro and our top scorer! Showed his loyalty to the club over the summer and its paid dividends. Well done you deserve everything you get.

  • I have to ask tho, why has it always been a case of -if you play for the Villa you don’t get a fair go in the England team? The only real exception was David Platt.

  • He certainly deserves his chance as he has been overlooked for a long time. A scarey statistic that he has been picked by 5 different England managers and only got 8 caps??? crazy. Hope he gets a game ? has a cracker and gets even better for The Villa!

  • myleftfoot – its a case of if you don’t play for the Londin “firm”, redscouse or Man U tough. Platt got picked by default due to injuries to others in Italia 90, Robson couldn’t leave him out after he played well and scored.

  • El Tel knows a good player when he sees one. Im sure it was his influence, just hope bazza now gets a chance and not that stupid downing

  • I have to ask tho, why has it always been a case of -if you play for the Villa you don’t get a fair go in the England team? The only real exception was David Platt.

    Maybe because none of our English players have really been good enough since Platt… until now. (Note I did say “Maybe”)

  • firstly, congratulations to gareth, you fully deserve it mate. i’ve mentioned this before, but i work in the centre of brum and out of 30 people on my dept, i’m the only villain, the rest are liverpool and man utd fans, but they’ve all been saying the same, that barry should be called up. barry’s determination proves where theres a will, theres a way. i’m inspired enough to now consider to quit smoking! secondly, regarding the comment by tarzan about not getting in the england squad if you play for the villa, there not going to be able to ignore us for much longer, with gabby, young, cahill, moore, osbourne etc, we probably have the nuclues of a future england squad at the villa.

  • Bull! Adam Deuce What about Brian Little – Best forward England has produced since Jimmy Greaves – What about Denis Mortimer, Tony Morley, Gary Shaw and not to forget the best passer of the ball in England for decases Gordon Cowans None of the players ever got a look int or fair go! I could mention more but to say that perhaps they weren’t good enough is bull!

  • fact of the matter is that over the years villa have produced quality players and a few have been over looked example ugo. only mustered 3 or 4 caps in total, alan wright – same issue. Barry is some thing else. the lad is easily capable of becoming a england regular and if he keeps his current form up he should allways get a starting place in the england team and replace the players there on merit.

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