Date: 29th March 2009 at 1:49pm
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The News of the World yesterday reckoned that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez will get Gareth Barry this summer for a cut price £8million.


No chance will Villa let a player of Barry’s quality go on the cheap, they played hard ball last summer and won and will surely do the same this summer with one big difference.

Gareth Barry WILL leave Villa Park unless we do get 4th. Martin O’Neill has already been quoted as saying he won’t stand in the players way this time BUT no way will Villa let the player go on the cheap, if only £8m is on offer, they may just as well let the player run down his contract next season and leave on a free the summer after.

The article also claims that Rafa will ask Barry to be their Mr Play Anywhere.

Will Barry really want to go from being an important cog in the wheel to be a utility man at Anfield?

Difficult one but if we don’t get 4th it does seem likely he’ll be looking to end his 11 year association with us.

The Daily Mail meanwhile says that Chelsea are ready to offer £15million for Villa winger Ashley Young. FIFTEEN MILLION? He is worth more than that, we paid not far short of £13million which at the time raised many an eyebrow but now looks like a canny bit of business. They are also after another rumoured Villa target, Man City striker Daniel Sturridge who will be available on a free this summer.

That is the problem, if we can’t take this, our best chance in years for 4th place, our top players will start to get restless in their dreams of playing Champions League football. However Villa did illustrate perfectly last summer, we are no longer a club who have to be pushed or bullied into selling players, on the cheap or otherwise.

Another rumour, this time inwards, is a link to Jose Manuel Jurado who is on loan at Mallorca from Atletico Madrid. The report says Villa scouts have been seen watching the Spanish U21 midfielder recently.


15 Replies to “Barry & Young On Way Out + 1 In?!?!”

  • Barry can buy out his contract this summer for about £7/£8million, which Liverpool will pay him, so yes we probably will get Barry for about £8mill. I still think it’s a waste of money.

  • I’m never sure of the rules with this buying contracts out, opinions seem to differ so much, but can’t see that Barry will want to spend that much buying his own contract out anyway?

  • No that’s the point, Liverpool will give him the money to do it, and that will be the sum they pay for him in lieu of a transfer fee. He’ll be paying Villa to release him as a free agent. Relatively free anyway, he’ll then have to sign for the club that funded his buyout.

  • worth more than £15m! Has the credit crunch not reached Brum? Roman ain’t as rich as he use dot be 🙂

  • Do you honestly believe Villa are better off waiting another year for the inevitable and getting NOTHING out of it? Take the £8mill and invest it in a new, younger star… I understand Villa playing hardball last year and trying to convince Barry to stay (even though it cost them another £7mill – Liverpool offered £15mill) but being stubborn and losing another £8mill is ridiculous… if he doesn’t want to be a villa player then villa should get rid of him now and get what they can out of it…

  • Let Barry go and get a pacey, young, creative player in then everyones a winner. Let him ruin his villa ‘legacy’. Young to chelsea??? What a joke that is! Contract extension anyone??!!

  • Amazing the response to a couple of two-bit-hacks! Its paper talk, look how many players we were linked with in the last 4-5 transfer windows. Journalist has a quiet week with his editor pressing him to fill column space, more column space means more pages they can squeeze adverts into, thus more money. Two-bit-hack thinks to himself “what can I dream up today?” hence 15m Ashley Young, they should be Labour politicians…. 😉

  • Barry can buy out his contract this summer for about £7/£8million, which Liverpool will pay him, so yes we probably will get Barry for about £8mill. I still think it’s a waste of money. ——— If he can buy his contract for £7/8m there will be a tax issue there. PL players are paying 40% tax which makes £7/8 £12/£13 before PAYE.

  • Young has signed a new deal…. he wills stay…. it’s Barry who’s likely to go and I dont care if he does now… he’s stayed an additional season, he’s not going to sign a new contract so let him go, sell him, get £14m plus and be happy.

  • Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we had one or two high profile players wanting out should we miss out on a Champions League place. Both Barry and Young (Ashley) could well be among them.

  • Whoever moves on to pastures new though, lets not forget that just as they move on, so will the club. They will be replaced, and a new look Villa team will take shape. We got over Bruce Rioch leaving didn’t we?

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