Date: 10th June 2008 at 8:41am
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According to Shaun Custis of the Sun, amongst others, Gareth Barry has phoned Martin O’Neill saying after 10 years at Villa he wants a fresh challenge and wants to be able to move to Liverpool.

The Villa skipper’s agent Alex Black is quoted as saying:

‘Gareth has spoken to Martin since he returned from England’s game in Trinidad and told him how he feels. At this stage of his career Gareth wants to be playing Champions League football and believes this is his chance to do it.’

All players want to play Champions League, all players should want to help the team they are with play Champions League!

The report says Barry hopes a ‘compromise deal’ of around £15million can be sorted. Errr, why? He is our player, contracted for another two years, if they want him let them pay. We don’t need to compromise on this. IF he has to go (and I’d rather anywhere else after their antics or to tell him to see out next season) then we need top dollar or £10million, Crouch and Riise. If they want to unsettle our players and turn their heads, then very least we can do is what Spurs do and refuse to do business at any rate other than one that suits us. Spurs always usually get a great price for departing players, lets hope the new era at Villa means we do the same.

Enough of this pandering to the players, I want our club to pander to ourselves.

Again, there aren’t direct quotes from the player, but with his agent now angling also for a move, it does look like the decision has been made. Tough on Barry really that it isn’t his decision, it is Randy’s and Martin O’Neill’s!