Date: 29th April 2012 at 12:35pm
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Gordonsleftboot says: ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’

So Villa supporters are beginning to think that maybe within days their Number One hate target will be gone. In many ways it may be a relief if this is the case as a major distraction will be removed.

But is it for the best longer term?

OK I can hear my usual critics getting ready to slag me off again and I will concede that Alex McLeish can be too negative on occasions. But consider:

1. He was appointed to accept the departures that had already been made and to cut the wage bill still further.

2. These departures followed even more high profile losses over recent seasons some of which had never been replaced.

3. AM arrived after a season of turmoil and had to steady the ship and bring through many young players some of whom are already being written off by some ‘knowledgeable’ fans on this and other sites as not good enough.

4. He has been hit with an appalling injury list and the loss of his skipper and midfield rock through illness (get well soon Stan!) Other clubs lose one or two players and say they cannot cope!

5. He gets no support from senior management and is left to take all the flak for their policies, decisions and wasted spending.

6. He was not to blame for working for the Blues. OK many now say that this is not the issue – but it was for many at the start.

7. The Blues are into the play-offs thanks to many of the new players he signed before he left and younger players he brought through. (No lists because I don’t waste my time following them too closely, but I believe he signed 4 or 5 players before departing.) They have done little worse than any of the other relegated sides and have played many more games.

Before you cheer at his departure just ask: how many other managers would have got this debt – crippled club much further THIS season?

How many would have done worse?

Martinez is favourite to take over. What has he built in THREE+ seasons that is much better?

I am NOT an apologist for AM. He will find himself another high paid job should he leave – and good luck to him. I do have an awful feeling, though, that the next manager will face many of the same issues AND good candidates will look at the club and wonder if the fans are manageable?

Be careful what you wish for. This squad of players is not good enough to achieve what many of you think is our right. We have no right to a high PL position. The Directors have learnt one very big lesson this season – I hope, you cannot cut budgets and hope and expect support. AM may be the best we can get and maybe deserves more support than he is getting.


Andy Gray seems to agree in the Mercury: