Date: 8th November 2008 at 12:59pm
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So my first European tour is over, Prague away will go down as my favourite away adventure to date, it has left me yearning for more……so to the trip !!

We started off on the Wednesday to be greeted at Birmingham Airport by a plethora of travelling Villans in the wetherspoons drinkin’ ales and eating breakfast, the barmaid said they had been serving beer to us thirsty Villans since 4am !!! they had decorated the bar with Claret and Blue balloons which was a nice touch. The flight was the usual Ryanair flight… and uncomfortable, especially the landing/thump down….eek,!!! we were greeted at Prague airport by the customary dodgy Scouser selling half Villa half Slavia scarfs, they were good quality so we all got one, 200 crowns which is £7. we found the hotel with ease and then headed off for some beers, the bar we found had beer taps in the tables and was 66crowns per litre !!! a fine place to start. After plenty of refreshments we headed into the Old Square hoping to find some fellow Villans but unfortunately there weren`t any around so we found a nice backstreet pub with super cheap beer, the key to the cheap beer is to look where the Czechs were drinking, after we left that bar we started hearing murmurs from pubs “Villa till I die”, “Yiippee I aye”……we followed some of these murmurs into an Irish bar where we were greeted by a rowdy rabble of Villa who were heading to another pub they had heard we had taken over !!! and how right they were…..we chanted the night away, the Carlos Cuellar chant was going for at least 40 minutes at one stage, and some of the ‘Paul McGrath` verses had changed to ‘Tittie Bar my lord” and `Istanbul my lord”. we got back to the hotel quite early in preparation to what would be one of the finest days of my life.

So we awoke early and had some breakfast, I had brought my lucky Villa mug with me so it was all down to me that we won !!! it was now time to write out the flag. What should have been a simple thing took about an hour and all we wrote was AVFC BEARWOOD. We then proceeded to do something cultural in full Villa kits with the scarves and the flag we decided we should siege the castle, we headed over the charles bridge and up the hill and at various points stopping to get pictures with the flag out, including a marvellous photo with the Prague skyline in the background, all the while we were very warmly welcomed by the Prague public, who were happy to talk to us and take photos. After our siege of the castle we headed back to the town to have some Goulash, which was a fine meal that set us up for the rest of the day. The pubs around the old square were starting to fill up with Villa but we wanted to try and find a backstreet pub to sample the Czech life properly and we most certainly found the place…. None of the staff spoke English and it was full of Czechs, lots of them Slavia fans, the beer was 25crowns or 80p a half litre and we were very much welcomed, we even got some old Slavia fans to hold up the flag for us and they wished us luck for the game. Time to find a pub full of Villa fans before the game, we headed to the three lions pub, amazing that we English go abroad and always drink in the English and Irish boozers !!! mental !!!. The pub was as rowdy as you would expect, flags everywhere and loads of like minded individuals, our Bearwood flag meant that those from the area congregated with us and before we knew it we had a right rabble of us to travel to the game with. Just before we left the pub a young Irish fella walked in and shouted “anybody want any flares !!!!”…..Well we thought it would be rude not too. I have seen that some people were not a fan of the flares but they are great as long as you don`t be a twat with them and throw them !!!!! they certainly livened up the atmosphere a bit. We entered the tram and even on there the atmosphere was quality, loads of chanting with the Slavia fans…The tram was literally shaking under our feet. Approaching the ground all we could here were Villa songs, there was a bar in the ground and all the Villa were on the tables letting off flares, singing and generally having a whale of a time, the Police, who were brilliant stayed over the road just making sure nothing got out of hand, if was all extremely friendly, swapping scarfs with the Slavia fans, taking pictures together and generally the atmosphere was electric, The Slavia fans will almost certainly of had a good impression of us..

Onto the game, well we won and I wasn`t expecting that, the atmosphere for the first 87 minutes was amazing, the Slavia fans are quality and kept behind their team all game. Also Slavia had clearly kept the section by the away fans free for Villa fans walking to the ground as this section was FULL of Villa, there was 3000 in the ground I have no doubt about it, there was double the allocation we had in there….Unfortunately towards the end of the game there was some trouble in the Villa end, it was outside the actual allocation as we were caged in, loads of twats decided to try and make the situation worse by running to the cage and banging on it and throwing Flares and fireworks into their own fans….This was the only downside of what was a marvellous game to have attended, and another hilarious moment was a load of kids drinking/downing the Non-alcoholic beer in the ground thinking it was real and trying to act like the big men !!!!!!!. Even after the game the Slavia fans were quality, on the tram back we were chatting to loads of them and they advised us not to stamp our travel ticket as no one would be checking the trams after the football, we also got the flag out again and got a photo. We left the tram but we had gotten off at the wrong stop!!!! “Shit” we thought “we are lost”…..and then out of nowhere a pick up truck with 2 Villa fans in the back pulled up , ‘get in lads` so there we are travelling on the back of a pick up truck singing songs and being driven to the centre !! it was one hell of a surreal moment to say the least !!! Now it was time for the Titty bars haha !!! we drank until about 5 in the morning as whilst at the game we had sobered up a bit so it was like starting all over again after the game……………I sharnt go into the night after but needless to say it was a quality quality night and day !!! one of the best of my Life

Sorry for the length of this, didn`t realise it would be so long. We will definitely be travelling to another of our away games, however it will be difficult to top Prague



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  • Its a bit long !! sorry guys haha !!! i know i love reading other peoples adventures so hopefully some of you will enjoy mine !!! If not well i dont care as i had a great time haha !!!

  • A quality read there Bearvill. Glad you had such a quality time! Just shows what a universal language football is and the quality of fans and mutual love of the game can be found anywhere. UTV.

  • There will be some mate, just waiting for my mate to put them on a CD for me and I will get some up !!

  • How does the Cuellar chant go, i get the impression it may be becoming a anthem – cant afford away games and cant say i have heard it a VP.???????

  • to the tune of Liverpools Torres chant

    With goofy teeth and curly hair, Cuellar, Cuellar
    With goofy teeth and curly hair, Cuellar, Cuellar
    With goofy teeth and curley hair
    He plays for Villa so we dont care
    Carlos Cuellar Villas centre half
    na na na na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na na na na

  • Sounds like a great trip Bearvill, cheap beer, no real aggro welcoming locals and obviously the bits you didn’t fully expand on!!!!!! and to cap it off a Villa win

  • Bearvill, a good account mate. I went with my two bros, and fortunately managed to get tickets from their ground on the day of the game. It beats Madrid tens years or so ago! Great place Prague, would recommend it.

  • Great read. I am so jealous now. REALLY wanted to go. Visited Prague a few years ago and loved it. Only two things stopped me going. Thinking there were no tickets left (your reveiw tells me that wouldn’t have been a problem) and the total lack of spare cash. Gutted but happy we won and that you guys flew the claret and vlue flag with pride. Istanbul My Lord, Istanbul!!

  • it was superb, gone up in price since last time I went though! Started off paying about 80p a beer in the SportBar, then up to £2.50 in Dragon/Caffereys in the Sq, then onto about £6 a beer in Atlas! Worth it though, class weekend! Nigel-not-reo did u meet tim for those tickets??

  • Nice account Bearvill! I am hoping to go to Hamburg! I am sure you will like it there just as much as Prague! Hopefully see you there! 🙂

  • leelindsay, I kept in constant contact with Tim and was due to meet him. The only thing was, I needed three tickets for me and my two bros. As I managed to get them all before meeting Tim, I text him to let him know that I was sorted, so he sold them elsewhere. Just to say thanks for all your help even so.

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