Date: 8th November 2005 at 11:58am
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Well, here goes. The beginning of the end for Mr Ellis? Or at least, that is how it looks at the moment with the news that Villa’s second largest shareholder Jack Petchey is due to sell his 20% stake in the club this week.

Petchey bought a good percentage of this shareholding when they were priced at under £2.00, a good amount of those being at £1.11. The property developer was at first rumoured to be interested in a takeover himself but it soon became clear he was simply a very wise investor knowing our shares had ‘bottomed out’ and that Villa would be ripe for takeover at some stage.

If the price he gets is the rumoured takeover offer of £5.60, then he is set to make a small fortune to add to his already massive fortune. Nice work if you can get it!

This sale looks likely to signal the £64million takeover deal with Comer Homes IS happening and that Doug Ellis is finally going to relinquish control.

Michael Neville, a life long Villa fan and the person fronting the bid said: ‘I’m afraid I can’t make any comment at all. These things are always very complicated.’

Mr Petchey however remained, as ever, elusive!


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