Date: 18th December 2017 at 3:17pm
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An interesting video from on the local derby.

It is a fascinating insight, from the police standpoint, as to what they put up with at a local derby Villa v Blues.

You can see 13 mins 10 seconds in what some police think of how some of the Blues fans behave (I repeat, some of the fans)

Just a stand off between Blues and the police, with the Villa fans still locked into the ground.

Mad really isn`t it?

Bottles and bricks thrown at the police. Senseless. It`s meant to be football, not war. One policeman hit twice by missiles. Embarrassing.

As it says at the end, of over 24 000 fans, about 4% were involved in disorder.

And nothing to do with Villa v Blues but always thought this short film was very well shot:


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  • Well worth watching. I fail to understand why some fans (maybe 60 or 70) refused to go elsewhere pub/home/wherever until forced to leave by the police. This meant that it was 1hr and 20 mins after full time before the away fans were released. What were th

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