Date: 20th February 2007 at 5:28pm
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Damn it, I thought I’d posted this on the site this morning and have just found it here!

According to a report by Shaun Custis in The Sun both Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers are at the head of the queue for Liverpool striker and foul mealy mouthed yobbo (!) Craig Bellamy.

Bellend, who has been no stranger to controversy during his career, moved from Blackburn in the summer and said he only did so because he was a Liverpool fan. As a fan of Liverpool you would think (if the reports are true) he would have had some respect for the club and not got Liverpool splashed all over the front pages of the weekends press.

The Sun claim he is now nicknamed ‘Nutter with a Putter’ after this weeks antics with a golf club attack on John Arne Riise at their training camp in Portugal.

They say Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez will let him leave and claim O’Neill will make an £8million move for the striker.

Martin O’Neill has experience of Bellamy after taking him on loan whilst Celtic boss after Bellend fell out with then Newcastle manager Graeme Souness. Bellend scored 9 in 15 for Celtic.

Good striker when fit – when fit being the operative words – but surely he carries too much baggage after falling out with what seems like every man and his dog?

Our latest poll asks if you’d like Bellamy at Villa.


29 Replies to “Bellend To Villa? Surely Not!”

  • you have to have faith in MON. If he wants him and thinks he can do a good job and will be a usefull addition to the team then thats fine by me……….and should be for others………..
    Bellemy is the type of player we have not been able to get at VP in the pastKEEP THE FAITH…..

  • I think I’m right in saying that CB has never scored more than 11 goals in a premiereship season. Add his attitude and stupid penalties to that fact and why would we want him?

  • Golf is a very emotional game, not to be played by unstable people. Imagine if this was with the villa players on their trip, who would he wallop, luke moores shoulder? gavins knee? No we dont need an idiot like that thanks but no thanks.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO way. Nutter with a putter! the guys a few screws loose. i agree with hudders. MON could keep him under control but the dressing room will suffer and will forever be treading on eggshells around him. too unstable for my liking. our youth needs proper players around them. we just got rid of hendrie we dont need more trouble

  • I’m sorry, but this reprobate can’t even be trusted in a karaoke bar–not to mention a dressing room–and I trust MON knows that. Any reports linking him with us I’d wager were made by his agent trying to cover his client should he be sacked. Which he should be, in my opinion (not that I have much sympathy with Liverpool, however). Send him to Sunderland, I say, and let Keano sort him out.

  • He is an absolute quality player and if MON can control him just as well as Mark Hughes did then i would be more than glad to see him at villa park there was no problem with Bellamy at celtic!!!!

  • morky13villa, how is golf an emothional game it is the worst game on the planet and if he did get wound up over the golf game then he is the biggest reject ever put on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bellamy is a *******, and when I read this on Sunday knew the links would reappear! Trust MON I guess. Mind you he and Big Johhny Carew will have something in common “*****ting Riise”

  • Villasw, sorry mate, its emotional not emothional. Anyway I agree with you blokes a paper hat CU Next Tuesday Bellamy.UTV.

  • He would have something in common with Carew. Didn’t Carew beat the living **** outta Riise at a Norwegian training camp. There is absolutley NO NEED for two i’s in his name. He deserves a kicking for that alone!!! On a moreserious note. In the past when we’ve been linked I’ve always thought “No!!” but I agree with imavillan. MON has managed him before and therefore knows what he’s like. I have faith in MON. Although I agree 8m squid is expensive. But if’s coming outta RL’s pocket then I don’t realy care!

  • Redscouse are desperate to sell. If MON thinks he can get the best out of him then a cheeky bid of a couple of million is worth a punt. But you wouldn’t go to a desperate seller with a top offer.

  • adam there are still rumours about Villa from Valencia and Ashton from West Sham. So our front line next season will sound like Sean Connery is pronouncing it – Ashton Villa

  • As a Blackburn Supporter, thiis guy is a gem. He absolutely fired us into europe on last years form. He is a classy finisher and i firmly believe that playing under mark hughes benefited him greatly. He als played under ur man at celtic so i reckon its a two way race. However, i dont think we will pay anywjere near the 8 million pounds reported as we sold him for 6 million so maybe u guys would offer thi money, placing u at an advantage

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