Date: 16th June 2009 at 10:36am
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The Sun have a report by Pat Sheehan. I’d love to leave the article there, leave you all guessing!

Silly moment over… the report has quotes from Spurs and England midfielder David Bentley admitting that he is in talks with Villa.

At least, a rumour that is true!

The 24-year-old, who moved from Blackburn Rovers to Spurs last summer after Villa also bid, told the Sun:

‘I’m in talks with Villa at the moment. I really don’t want to say much more. But we’ll see what happens. I’m hopeful of sorting it out as soon as possible.’

Well, if he is in talks with them, he’ll have to say a bit more than that surely?

Apparently Villa might be able to get him for around £7million meaning Spurs take a loss of around £9million on their £16million purchase (yes, I know you can do the maths but I thought I’d help out).

The Sun go on to claim the players agent has been in talks for a few weeks and they quote from a source saying it will all be settled by July 1.


27 Replies to “Bentley Admits He Is Villa Bound”

  • Young, Creative and still getting better. and most importantly will start adding bulk to the team, and quality bulk at that – Bargain at 7m

  • Lots of talk flying around the net that Spurs are trying to land Young as part of the deal. Surely, this HAS to be complete trash. My brothers a Spurs fan and I spent pretty much the whole of last season winding him up about how much better Young is than Bentley and reminding him on each players cost. Gutted, devasted, wounded, are just some words that would scratch the surface on how I’d feel if this were to be true.

  • Its funny that we would be saving money on someone we could of got a year earlier. Usually we end up paying alot more!! Top player on this day but he has got a big gob on him, keeping him in line might be O’Neill’s biggest challenge yet.

  • Let’s hope his season of struggles has humbled him a bit. Undoubted talent, just a bit of a cock.

  • Was hoping EVerton would bid for him, and put an end to Leon ‘3 good games a season, useless in the rest’ Osman’s stint on our right hand side. £7 million is a great deal for him.

  • lads spurs DID NOT pay 16mil for bentley, the deal with blackburn was dependant on his success with spurs, i.e appearences…and we will not sell him for 7mil, that is pure *****!…everybody knows what daniel levy is like when it comes to transfers!…there will not be a huge difference in what villa pay for him, and what we pay blackburn…its a shame it never worked out for him as he is a technically gifted player, a mad spurs fan who’s family are season ticket holders etc etc….but when he cant even get on the pitch when lennon is injured, its time to move on…good players dont become bad over nite…he has a great cross (reason why santa cruz WAS so successful at blackburn) and can score absolutely spectacular goals.

  • I would love Bentley, the season before last when Blackburn came to Villa if you looked at his assistes it was as good as young. The simple fact of the matter is that if he wants to get back into the england team then he needs to knuckle down at the villa and rediscover his form.

    If there is one manager in the country who can bring the best out of him it is going be MON lets be honest he has done it with every other player at the Villa.

  • I hope to christ it isn’t true about bentley for 7 mil and Jenas for Ashley Young!!! we just can’t afford to loose Young

  • Id love to see Bentley at Villa, a bit of strength in depth. Do you think they would consider putting Bentley in the middle in the way Becks played for England the other day. He is a good passer of the ball so would be interesting. I agree with Nimmo tho, undoubted talent, bit of a cock!

  • I just fear his personality. He can disrupt the dressing room at VP. On the pitch great but off it? I have my doubts.

  • MON won’t let him disrupt anything, Sorensen sat on the bench for a whole season because he tried it on. Would hate to see him poncing about in a Villa shirt, only interested in himself. Hope he can prove me, half our fans, most of Spuz fans wrong.

  • bentleys agent says he is NOT in talks with aston villa but i still think the deal will happen

  • BREAKING NEWS: Bentley not in Villa talks. Agent denies talks taking place, SSN the source.

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