Date: 15th May 2007 at 11:06am
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The annual best beard of the season award… set up three seasons ago to make sure Olof Mellberg won something whilst at Villa (albeit not so funny/desperate a joke now, as we could actually start winning things under our new management!) has indeed once again been won by Olof Mellberg.

Mellberg won with 85% of the votes.

The young pretender to the throne, Liam Ridgewell got 15% for his bum fluff!

I’ve emailed the clubs media department to inform Olof of the huge honour bestowed upon him and have asked if he, or his beard, would care to comment. :o)


9 Replies to “Best Beard Of The Season Award”

  • I believe Mr Mellberg’s beard has it’s own agent and a personal locker at Villa Park.

  • Apparently he was offered a £1m contract by Gillette but didn’t want to blow the chance of winning this prestigous award.

  • Has anyone else noticed that on the odd occasion that melberg does shave off the mighty beard that by the next home game its grown back. Surely this must involve some sort of hocus pocus?

  • paddy I was thinking exaxtly the same thing. Does any one remember play doh heads where you turned a handle and the heads used to spout plastacine hair. Maybe we should rename him play doh head.

  • Mellberg is god. Plain and simple. That how he grows his beard in two days flat.

  • A deserved winner yet again, in a category which one has to believe isn’t taken seriously enough by his dressing room counterparts.

  • If Melly had been playing in the 70’s he would have had far more competition for this award…. but as he isn’t and it is his third consecutive award does he get to keep anything?

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