Date: 20th May 2009 at 10:28am
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I believe this was raised on the forum yesterday, could Villa be in with a bid for the Bearded Wonder to return him to his rightful home?

Well I don’t know if the Evening Mail have had the same thoughts given the most unfortunate retirement of Martin Laursen, whether this piece of potential wishful thinking is doing the rounds or even if they know something I don’t know – which face it, is easy to achieve.

I’m sure I know things I don’t even know about, but anyway.

The Mail today speculates that O’Neill is due to tempt good ol Mellberg back to Villa Park but to fill the void of Mighty Laursen.

Admittedly there are no quotes, but given the situation at Juve with Ranieri sacked, the arrival of Cannavaro from Real and a new boss, even with a couple of seasons remaining on his contract it might not be enough for Melly to want to be bench warmer.

Especially as he’s had quite a good season aswell.

To be honest we should never have put Melly in the position of wanting to leave, we all knew he wasn’t entirely happy with his right back berth and although the Laursen/Mellberg partnership wasn’t fully successful at points we’ll never know what they could’ve achieved had they been given plenty of time to gell.

The return of the bearded one would certainly bring some needed relief to the faithful as we head into an uncertain transfer window.

But the question is, would Mellberg be scared he could end up on the left wing?


9 Replies to “Best Beard Of The Season Back On?”

  • Our latest poll asks if he should return… not only that but 10:27 and Vital Villa is posting an article… the end of the world is nigh!

  • I liked Mellberg. But he did cost us £5m and left us at the end of his contract (so we didn’t get a penny) to further his career in the Champions League. He manipulated this move over a period of months. I don’t see what he did different to GB? He cost relatively nothing (except for the fines we received), he has given us 11 years brilliant service and would of made us a lot of money. All he wanted to do was play in the Champions League the same as Mellberg, but was seen as some sort of anti christ. Well GB has shoved it up everybody this season by being outstanding. Again! The man has done more for Villa than Mellberg ever has done and should be held in higher esteem than Mellberg ever should be. But Mellberg does have a great beard!!

  • I Predicted the Mellberg thing yesterday, is Bill Howell copying me or is he tuned in to whats going on ??? Time will tell.

  • “oh and I’ve voted yes, yes and yes. As long as he is played in the centre!
    The Fear”

    But he wont be…Expect him to be played at RB, lol…I just think hes getting on a bit now

  • Um if he comes back do we have to return all those shirts he gave away……………………..only asking!

  • Yes we could get him back , to play right back so Luke Young could play left back !

    I’ll get me coat !

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