Date: 23rd November 2006 at 1:38pm
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Vital Villa asked if we should enter the Inter-Two-Bob Cup?

52% were unsure and said they’d leave it to Martin O’Neill.

34% said we should and that they love summer games.

That left 14% saying no, we need to qualify through the league or cup.

Our latest poll asks who our best defender has been over the last ten years (God does just about squeeze in as he left in 1996 but we decided it was daft to put him in the running as the result would be obvious!)


16 Replies to “Best Defender In Last 10 Years?”

  • Maybe after all these polls we can put together a ‘Team of the Decade’ based on the results? Who were the strikers? Yorke and Angel?

  • Be interesting to see the results, I was going to take Ridge off and put ‘other’ as Ridge is just starting really. Hopefully him and Cahill will be the future. Shame for Laursen as well but he’s not had enough time on the pitch due to his bad luck with

  • yeah, will have to keep the thread going on the forum for polls, I like the one by Beefy as well asking which of our young players will be the best, I’ll get that one done at some stage.

  • It would seem that the great bearded one is going to run away with this one, desevedly so IMHO, Villa seem to have a good habit of having a great defence most of the time, and yes a good idea to work through the positions to vote for the greatest “team” w

  • does anyone here ‘read’ ZOO magazine? theres a story in it about stefan postma, he split up with his mrs and so she posted a video on the internet of her ‘violating’ him . he’s now having ‘marital aides’ thrown at him during matches !!!

  • Alan Wright aka the crazy peanut, already has the award the worlds smallest defender. I was always a fan of his

  • bobbyfett. It is an old story and the video is now about three years old. Stefan was offered the ‘original’ for £20,000 but declined and that is how everybody got to see it. At the moment though he is having nothing thrown at him because he has had a care

  • Re Postma tough break, good luck to him. Shaun “over my dead body” Teale not forgotten but overshadowed a bit by God, but so was everyone else, hell of a defender, brought many a smile to my face, and many a tear to the opposition. anyone know whats happe

  • Got to be Olof. Both for consistent quality performances and loyalty to the claret and blue. Southgate runs him a close second performance wise.

  • southgate was a quality defender, one of few who wore the 3 lions representing villa, and it would be right that he gets a substantial % of the votes. he still looks like a shaved Borat though. Jakshemash, managing middlesborough is nice !!
    The Beard how

  • Southgate was one of the players instumental in highlighting Elliss’ lack of ambition. For that he should be applauded. He is also one of the few Villa signings of recent years that has moved on, leaving the club with a big profit. The man should be appla

  • Alpay could have been, Olf is, but Gary Cahill is ready and waiting to step forward from the shadows.

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