Date: 30th November 2009 at 11:22am
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Habib Beye had a reasonably happy day against Spurs and old boy Peter Crouch last weekend.

Speaking on the official site today, Beye was pleased with his own performance, for the most part keeping Crouch quiet and making some very well timed interceptions given it was his first match back for a while.

More importantly, Beye was pleased with the performance of the defensive unit, or dare I say, the team, in the game.

‘You have to concentrate and be focused on what you have to do. I think we did a great job as a team and we got the point.

‘When you have players like Crouch and Defoe up front they have great quality – they are all internationals.

‘I played a few times against Crouch last year and you can’t jump higher than him because it is impossible, but you have to try and jump before him to have the right timing.’

Such a shame Crouchy was used as a beanpole and we never quite got to see what he could do with his feet….then again a sensible ‘share of the next sale’ would’ve been an idea aswell!

Back to Beye, I agree. The back five battled more than admirably, especially given the almost last minute switching because of Warnock.

It’s so nice and pleasing to know that this season defence is not our problem, it’s everything in front of that.

Who knows maybe we’ll click again like we did against Chelsea, Liverpool, Bolton….preferably before the end of the sodding season.

To read Beye’s full comments please Click Here

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