Date: 13th January 2019 at 6:37pm
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Villan57 doesn’t hold back in the match thread for our woeful 3-0 loss to Wigan Athletic.

Well, that was more shocking than last week, I can’t recall a shot target?

My player slatings sorry ratings, no right first time!

Kalinic: 6 I thought he was ok, he made a few good saves but still managed to let 6 goals in 2 games, I think he’ll be ok.

Bree: 5 I think he’s a better CB than fullback, pulled out of position time after time trying to cover the centre today.

Elphick: 5 Better than Chester today but subbed?

Chester:4 Poor, Deano wants to play from the back, sorry never in a million years with Chezzy

Taylor:3 This bloke is the worst left back since, well the last one, makes Hutton look like Roberto Carlos. We’d be better playing with 10 men.

Barney:3 I’m not sure he did anything at all, and people moan about Whelan.

Hourihane: 3 If he hadn’t kicked off and taken a couple of corners and free kicks he’d never have kicked the ball, beyond useless today.

SJM:6 Not so super today but played on his own against 3 Wigan players.

Bo-lazy:3 lived up to my nickname for him today, this Guy cost £25m can you believe it?

Tammy:5 I think I’m being generous with that. As I said couldn’t hold up a bank with a 12 bore let alone a football. A premier league player I don’t think so!

El Ghazi: 4 Having the hapless Taylor and Hourihane behind you doesn’t help but this kid has gone so far off the boil he’s cold.


Hause Albert and Whelan: Albert provided our only two decent crosses. I can’t think of much else except Whelan gave away a penalty, although the game was over even before his cock up.

Smith: 4 No lessons learnt by Deano, we have reverted back to walking football we played under Bruce. High-intensity play requires High-intensity players. Ours can’t manage a jog anymore


“The Bottom Of My Managerial Career” – Smith Hammers Rubbish Villa Performance

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