Date: 18th October 2006 at 1:55pm
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The Bhoy connection has continued as Martin O’Neill has brought in fitness coach Jim Hendry.

Hendry replaces Steve McGregor who left with David O’Leary (hurrah) in the summer.
Hendry was at Celtic when O’Neill became their boss in 2000.

O’Neill told the official site: ‘We have appointed Jim Hendry, who came down on Monday. He has left Celtic and has come down here. We are looking at that. He has got family and things to move. I am certainly looking to see if he can settle. It is a bit of a move. He has some pedigree, he has got all the particular things… all the degrees. It will help because we have been lacking that since the start of the season. It will be good. He will oversee everything.’

‘I want him to stay around. This is the first time he has ever been away from home, as it were. ‘I think he wants the move. He is looking forward to it. His children are at an age now where the education aspect comes into it, so we will carry it forward and see how it goes.’


12 Replies to “Bhoy Oh Boy, More Celtic Link Ups!”

  • I know Celtic tried hard to join the premier league and failed in there attempts. I think this is a bit too blatent attempt to come in through the back door. What next, Villa sign Celtic stadium painter and football kit maker? Only messing I trust MON.

  • A fitness coach! Whatever next? They’ll probably ask the players to be sober for kick off in future!

  • Bet Martin O’Neill would have loved to have been in charge of the match against Benfica…Who would have thought Strachan could do it – I didn’t when he took over. Hail, Hail.

  • Not too concerned about losing the fitness coach from O’Neill’s era. Look how many vital late goals we conceded, Champions League, UEFA Cup final, title deciders. The fittness is much better under Strachan. However, one loss to Villa that would concern me

  • you dont want Miller – he only looks good becuase he is playing in scotland. I am good friends with a wolves fan (sorry guys) and he laughs that Miller is now playing in champs league. Think bigger (and faster, stronger and more skillfull).

  • When Aston Villa reach the Champions League…sorry, just lost control of my bladder through laughing so much…then you can compare but before then, you cannot. Benfica are no mugs, and toturn them over 3-0 is impressive. What I will say is that I am gla

  • It’s true, O’Neill got results but his football wasn’t pretty to watch. His signing policy was also pretty dire, whereas Strachan utilises a world-wide scouting network that is already paying off. I just hope O’Neill eventually develops as a manager enoug

  • Is this the same Strachan you wanted out after his first 5 games? And the same O’Neill that you all hailed as your messiah?! The truth is, second rate players like Miller, who wouldn’t get a look in at any Premiership team, do well in Scotland because of

  • Gerodie…reasonably successful with Southampton? FA Cup final and Europe looks like a miracle compared to where they are now. And as for Coventry, he built a decent, attractive side before debt ran up by previous managers forced him to dismantle it. How

  • tylervilla….you ever seen Miller play? Faster? Can’t think of many to be honest. How about the OAP Sutton? Miller has been fantastic at all levels including international level. His work-rate and pace is second to none. Wolves fans can laugh all they li

  • Well they know what success is all about, and MON knows these guys inside out. Let ’em all come says I.

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