Date: 25th July 2006 at 9:54pm
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Sky Sports News have run a breaking story that the Randy Lerner consortium will put in a bid tomorrow morning for Aston Villa.

The report suggests the offer will be between £60-64million.

Great to see that bids are now incoming BUT:


Whoever it is, stand up and take a bow if you blow this approach.

This group did not want their name splashed all over the papers and most certainly will not have leaked the details of an imminent bid. These people don’t mess about in the school play ground, they do business right. Lets just hope approaches are still made and bids do materialise.


18 Replies to “Bid Imminent – But Who Blabbed?”

  • I wish I hadn’t logged on now. After reading that I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Then I’ll be glued to the box all day tomorrow awaiting any news. Cheers Sky way to mess my life up.

  • Hold your horses! If they are the business men that everyone thinks they are then how is it anyone outside of their bid team knows when and if they are going to bid? I smell a rat. This guys reputation is a bit suspect. Can we take anyone who is called Ra

  • No leaks happen by mistake, trust me, I’ve seen it all before. There’s a reason for them, even though those who leaked will never admit.

  • You get the feeling that only the old man can screw this bid up now. Lerner seems serious, and he doesnt come across as a guy who would waste time and effort in playing games. Dont worry about the name Steve64k. Randy’s a common name in the states, and if

  • I read aboput it with great interest yesterday in the Australian Press but its a great name and why would Villa not want to be linked to an inexperienced porn star.

  • There is no mention of a bid tomorrow on sky sports. It only says Lerner could put a bid in. Me thinking it is journalists trying to get in first. Ellis would be happy if he gets his asking price and Villa get the Americans we should of got 30 years ago.

  • The bids have been leaked because the bidder knows Doug will avoid selling if he can. With the bids in the open, more and more pressure is piled on Doug, by the fans, to sell and hey presto, the silly old dodger is backed into a corner!!!

  • My one concern over all this is that everybody is getting carried away with Lerner’s perceived wealth. He will not put any of his personal fortune into this deal – they do not work like that. Any purchase will be funded by loans against the clubs assets

  • I think the most reasonable thing to do is wait and listen to what these people have to say. I can confirm they have made contact, they are wanting to listen to the fans and they do realise the massive potential at the club and want to put it back to wher

  • I agree Neil, nothing is ‘leaked’ by mistake, but this didn’t come from there side, they had no profit in doing so, I think there is only one other place for it to have come from and no shocks where?!

  • Whatever it is it cant be any worse than doug. Maybe dougs guys are leaking this to get the share price up?

  • There’ll come a time eventually, when we will have to go into debt in order to stay in the Premiership. Doug’s penny pinching approach has got us nowhere, so now it’s time to try the other option and spend. This guy Lerner has experience of running a spor

  • I recon the leek was on Doug’s side. Trying to get the fans off his back? trying to push the share price up? Trying to look like he is actively trying to sell the club?

  • I don’t see why everyone is so obsessed with Doug trying to push the share price up. If, as is speculated, Lerner is willing to pay the asking price (or Neville for that matter) then the price being paid is already over the market share price and therefo

  • Report in Telegraph today claims Ellis looking for between £75 million to £100 million. Can’t see how that can be true based on share price.

  • I go along with what JF says. Let’s see what they have to say to the fans (that’s if they do make a bid). There is no doubt that Randy L is a cute “cookie”. He is today’s business man – well educated, an experienced “operator” at the top level in the fina

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