Date: 9th May 2006 at 10:51am
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Next up in the end of season awards is the biggest Villan (or Villans) at Villa.

Not surprisingly the chairman, Mr Herbert Douglas Ellis, won this award hands down polling more votes than the other three options put together.

So Mr Ellis, despite a poor and whiney manager, you’ve been voted the biggest Villan with 56%. I’m sure you will take this as a compliment because as long as your name is mentioned you are happy. We aren’t and we want you to step down. You don’t have to sell to stand aside, just leave the board to those that are capable. When I say more capable, I don’t mean the present incumbents either, Steve Stride aside, the whole board should be set a-drift. Still, they do say yes an awful lot to you don’t they, so it would be foolish to let the lickspittles go.

Next up with 21% was the manager. Take a bow Mr O’Leary. I can’t remember a more unpopular manager for many a long year and even the managers who did bad jobs weren’t loathed quite so personally as you are. You might believe you have the majority for you, but that is only because you stick your head in the sand. I’ve not known anyone so unpopular with fans, pundits and reporters alike. I believe O’Leary was given the option to come out and talk to the fans after the Sunderland game but declined. The word COWARD springs to mind. Happy to follow the players around safe in the knowledge the fans would give them a decent reception but not man enough to face the fans. That isn’t the first time as he has repeatedly refused to do fans forums and then lied (and yes, I can use the word liar when it comes to the manager) and said that he had never been invited.

18% blame the players for this seasons woes and you have to say they have looked very disjointed this season with many having less passion than someone who has very little passion (I’m great at these comparisons!). I genuinely believe without the effort from Gareth Barry this season, we’d be down.

Proof if you ever need it that O’Leary and Ellis read this site (!!!!!!!!) comes in the form of the 5% who voted the sugarbag fans as the biggest Villans at Villa Park. You can almost hear them talking, in the Scooby Doo villan part when they are unmasked. Crap season ‘and we’d have got away with it if not for those pesky kids’.

Well, Ellis and O’Leary, take a bow, you haven’t got away with it, you’ve brought great shame to the mighty Villa and I for one can’t wait for the day you both depart, whether by foot, taxi or box.


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  • Theres only so much more Ellis will take from O’Leary and only so much Ellises health can take before he is forced to leave.

  • Who can argue against this award? Ironic though that we have this poor excuse for a Chairman at the helm, at the very same time that we have our poorest manager for many years running the team affairs. The two combined are a sure fire recipe for disaster.

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