Date: 26th February 2012 at 10:03am
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Strong words from astvil123

FINALLY The Blame Is Aimed At The Aston Villa Board!

I’m hearing people say Randy Lerner needs to admit he made a mistake and sack Alex McLeish. Some are calling for Randy to go, but most are now realising Randy Lerner has no idea how to appoint a football manager successfully.

Alex McLeish has become the latest failure.

Look at the facts, in recent months McLeish has managed some of the most woeful performances (if you can call them performances) from any Aston Villa team in recent memory. However, he refuses to accept the blame. He diverts the blame to others every week.

He’s targeted Albrighton (v Everton), Dunne (v Arsenal), Warnock (v QPR), Collins (v Man City), Gabby (v Arsenal), N’Zogbia and Ireland (v Newcastle) etc. He’s blamed injuries, the mind set of certain players, he’s blamed the oh so famous ‘silly errors’, bad luck and just when you think he’s ran out of excuses, he thinks of a new one for the shambles of a display at Wigan, the pitch!

I thought after today he would finally own up, take responsibility and say he got it wrong. He could have realised his mistake of playing Emile Heskey wide right, or 9 men always behind the ball, or Gabby wide left or even his mad loyalty towards picking Hutton, Collins and Warnock, but no, he blames the pitch.

How much longer will this go on?

We’re 15th!

Doug sacked O’Leary after finishing 16th!

I’m a season ticket holder, I didn’t get a phone call from the club with the survey they’ve done (because I haven’t gave them my new number, ssshhh!) but I have heard what questions they are asking current season ticket holders. Well let me give my answer now.

NO! I won’t be renewing my season ticket or spending any money at all towards Aston Villa until McLeish has gone and Randy gives this club better direction with new board members who actually know what they’re doing. e.g. Ian Taylor said this season on The Goalzone he would LOVE to be a Villa board member.

Look at his mistakes. He gave Martin O’Neill free reign (a very expensive mistake).

Houllier? Awful choice. McLeish? He makes Houllier look a masterstroke!

Randy Lerner, Paul Faulkner and anybody else currently a part of our board are now finally exposed to the majority for what they really are, businessmen who are clueless in the world of football. They want success, but have no idea how to achieve it. I’m not saying Lerner should sell, but I think he needs to appoint new board members who understand the game and have a history with Villa. We need better direction; we need a new manager, new players and new ambitions!

At this moment in time, whether we will be relegated or not, we deserve relegation. The club is an absolute joke right now! We gave McLeish a chance and he has failed, as expected. He will never succeed here; Aston Villa is too big for him. However, he won’t be sacked, Randy Lerner’s main aims for this season are to reduce the wage bill and ensure our Premier League survival. He will keep McLeish here for as long as he needs to divert the attention away from him whilst he fixes the financial mess he created under O’Neill and Houllier. If we are to get McLeish sacked then we need to turn our attention to those who brought him here, the board. Until they come under fire, McLeish will remain. We need better direction from the board, McLeish is only ‘a’ problem; Randy, Paul and the rest are ‘the’ problem, and have been for quite some time.

Change is needed. Your move, Randy …