Date: 3rd June 2009 at 4:13pm
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Vital member leebarnett2004 isn’t happy and is blaming pretty much everyone for the conclusion of the Gareth Barry saga.

He’s asked me to post it on the front page so here goes… fasten your seatbelts, Lee rarely holds back on his views!!!!!

Right this is how I see it…. without any swearing lol.

First of all I feel totally let down and lied to by Gareth Barry, Martin O’Neill and Randy Lerner.

Barry told us on countless occasions that he only leave for a club in the Champions league., Obviously if he went to any of these top 4 teams or even overseas fans would wish him well and understand and when he returned back to play against Aston Villa he would have a good reception. (not that I’m going to boo him).

Instead he chooses to join Manchester city who aren’t offering Champions league football or even Europa next season, if he wanted money then he should have just came out and said that, instead of feeding us rubbish about wanting to play in the champions league.

Secondly, the manager, Martin O’Neill. – We always miss out on transfers to teams like Man City, Spurs and Everton. Not only that but our potential replacement for Barry plays for Spurs reserves, what message is that giving out?

I can see other teams looking at Aston Villa as a shop window now, and picking off at what little talent with have at our club.

And finally, our American Cowboy Randy Learner.

Is there really money at this club? Because from what picture I’m looking at i don’t think there is….. maybe I’m wrong and I hope I’m proven to be wrong. But I don’t think there is, or certainly not as much as he lead us to believe.

We lost Gareth Southgate and also Dwight Yorke in similar circumstances. Its beginning to feel like Ellis all over again, I hope its not and I hope its me who looks like a pratt for writing this by the time the season starts…..

Also I question the Barry transfer, did he leave because maybe he knows something we don’t, does he know that we haven’t got money in the pot that will bring this club forward?


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  • Why so negative? He’s one player who left us, not an entire team… I’m not sure Lerner has once come out and said he was willing to spend x amoung of $ on villa. I think some people need to take a serious step back and grow up a little. Our transfer windows always start this way, almost like if we fire our mouths of warning “if the manager doesn’t do this this and this then we’ll be in this this and this position.” The manager and the chairman aren’t part timers, they’re fully aware of the situation we’re in and am pretty sure they’ll be working harder than you or I at rectifying it. Judge a manager’s season at the end, judge his transfers at the end of the window. He’s got a huge task on his hands, so let’s see how he gets on.

  • bit harsh on calling randy a cowboy……

    but our next signing MUST make a huge impact with their arrival

  • Hang on here. Randy has done a great job as has MON. MON bent over backwords to keep Barry at VP and happy, at any other club he would have been sold a long time ago to a worse club as his past actions are not the most professional i.e complaning about MON working on BBC’s football coverage. With MON and Randy I think we have the best chance we will ever have. Stay with the cause. Up The Villa!

  • tbh, I don’t think I’d’ve liked it if he’d joined one of the top 4 any better. It is slightly more galling that he has gone to Citeh but not a fat lot.

    You’re clearly a misery mate cos you can see very little other than doom. The doom and gloom is misplaced, remember how we took Yorke’s leaving in our stride, well at least initially, I’m sure we can do the same again.

    As Johnny says lets wait and see. And the NEXT signing doesn’t have to make a huge impact, rather the whole window needs to take us forward, quality and numbers.

  • Yawn. Move on!! There is no blame. we had his best years, got a great transfer fee and both Man Citeh and ourselves will move on. They are an exception to the whole of the football world and are playing an entirely different market to the rest of the football world. It is a compliment that they can choose almost any player in the world but actually chose one of ours. As for Bluescouse and Spuds beating us to better players. Who has chosen them in preference to the Villa? and as for having a pop at Randy?????? You don’t need to wait until next season to get egg on your face . . . . . . you are already covered in it. What a disgraceful post. And before fear has a go at me for having an opinion. That is all this is. My opionion. Up the Villa.

  • Think it is certainly time to move on, this summer could be excitinig, lets hope so, and one player does not make a club. It is a big loss but he has gone now, so tough luck, lets see what the summer and new season brings.

  • Have a go at you voice, never…! :o) I only moan (my opinion) when you constantly have a go at other fans who don’t live up to your ideals!

  • Only TWO teams in EUROPE spent more than us last summer. Do not blame Randy for this!!! O’Neill has not had a great record at transfers – Carew/Baros swap was a masterstroke but initiated by Lyon, other than that A Young was a bargain. He overpaid for so many players – and let great ones go by – L. Young could have cost £2m one year earler, Hangeland etc. etc. Now Barry and Laursen are gone I wonder how much we will miss Aaron Hughes, Steve Davis and Gary Cahill. What did we raise from them?? It was certainly under £10m. Zat Knight and Nicky Shorey cost about the same. I certainly rate O’Neill and feel I am shifting blame on him to divert from Lerner who is NOT to blame. Probably no-one is to blame. But I really really wish we had a decent Director of Football to just help O’Neill in the transfer market, and maybe a more vocal scouting network to point out that there are very good players outside the UK as well!!!

  • Had 24 hours to think about this so…
    To be part of a team, Villa, Man city or Liverpool etc thats building to win something can be frustrating as it takes time, hes 28, Chelsea and Man Utd dont seem to be interested (The only clubs to win trophies this year)
    Question: Do you hang about hoping to be part of something, or do you sign a contract that earns you £28m over the next 5 years? £28m is nearly half of what Randy paid for Villa!
    Think about it, if any of us were playing for lets say Spurs for arguments sake and Man City offered you what hes been offered, what would you do? Its a no brainer really as much as it pains me to say….

  • as an outsider looking in, it does seem obvious he went for the money, what is Barry 29? will city be in the champ lge in 3 years?? probably not so he hasnt gone there for that and i agree with Stourbridge that most spurs players would probably do the same, it is a no brainer.
    But I understand why you feel like you do, we had it when sol campbell could have gone to man u or barca with our best wishes, instead he joined the hobo’s from down the road and it still makes me sick after all these years but Villa will be fine. You’ve got a good bunch there and like us we both have to deal with City flashing huge wads of £50 notes at players, but we’ll both finish higher than them next year, their bubble will burst because the top 4 will stay the same for many a year yet i fear.

  • Personally, I’d have let Barry go last summer when Liverpool came calling. That way a new-look midfield would have had a season to bed-in. Still, 12mill for a 28 year old is’t bad and we all knew he was intent on leaving anyway. Citeh are out on their own at the moment…Liverpool’s offer was a lot less than 12m/100K a week and no guarantee of first team footy in a world cup season. Good luck to the lad, I say. Now let’s build for the coming season. 5 quality signings at least PLUS replace Barry and Laursen and anybody else who leaves. A tall order but in Mart and Randy we trust!

  • Must admit I have faith in Randy and his guys. They accept none of us (including them) will know how succesful an era this is until we are deeper into it but I do have respect for them and think when they leave, they’ll leave us in a better shape than they found us.

    MON, I want to believe, I hope next season I’ll see more reason to believe.

    As for Barry, he’s gone, we’ll survive very well without him as we have other exits in the past, all eyes on the summer spending now. Fingers crossed?!

  • this whole blame game is getting old. barry said he would keep his mouth shut and play last season see how we do and go from there. MON said he would be willing to sell barry after the season if we didnt match his expectations. to blame mr lerner is a joke surly. now these are the basic facts. yes barry said he wanted champions league football but as far as i know man city were the only team to come in for him so far. we accepted a bloody good offer IMO and gave him permission to talk to them. they offered him a boat load of cash and he left. he owes us nothing most profesionals would do the same. as fans we find it hard to understand because deep down we bleed claret and blue, its rare that a player shares the same passion for his team, for us it is a passion for the proffesional it is a job. i wish him well but its time to move on and focus on the positives that we have going for us. UTV

  • Can’t even be ar&ed to waste my finger energy on typing everything i want to write so i’ll keep it short. Tool.

  • Fear, you say we’ll survive without him. Are you saying that we’ll survive relegation? If so, I’m pretty confident we will too. But Barry leaving isn’t just about losing our best player and our talisman. It’s a very clear indication of where this club is going. With Gareth Barry at the club, Barry made the decision that Man City were much better placed to give him Champions League football. (And this IS what it’s about. If it was purely about money, then we could have offered him enough to stay. I daresay we wouldn’t have needed to offer quite as much as Man City either.) Without Gareth Barry, where does that leave us? I’m not the only one who believes that Barry’s replacement is already at the club, in the form of Sidwell, and if indeed O’Neill does put his faith in Sidwell (and why wouldn’t he, given he paid £5m for him last summer), we’re in trouble. Maybe not relegation trouble, but the kind of trouble that leads to a prompt decline. What will Ashley Young be thinking about Villa’s ambition now that Barry’s made this statement? Perhaps O’Neill will sweet talk him into believing that everything is still very much on track. The fact of the matter seems to be that Villa’s policy is to grow a sustainable business, and success on the pitch, though it would of course help this enterprise massively, is to follow rather than precede this. Some might admire this, and actually, I am one of them. However, I think O’Neill is not the man to bring progress on a budget. And I haven’t even mentioned that O’Neill cocked up our one chance of making a quantum leap when it presented itself this season.

  • I’m not quite sure how MON and Randy can get the blame for this. Barry was always leaving in his mind and again lied to the fans by stating earlier on in the season ‘I see no need to leave Villa unless CL football is offered’. I think everyone is in agreement that if he signed for Le Arse or Liverpool that no one would have held it against him, but Man City, FFS! And he states in his letter that he is seeking a new challenge, FFS! It wouldn’t have mattered what Villa offered him he was going. I just hope Man City make a last minute ditch to sign Kaka and we’ll see how regular his 1st team opportunities are!

  • Paul G, have you followed through the logic of what you’re saying? If our best player would struggle to be first choice at a mid table team, who then make a few big name signings, what chance would we have even if he stayed? And if Gareth Barry did have to fight for his place at Man City, wouldn’t that just prove that he has in fact moved to a club with realistic hopes of winning major honours? I can understand that people are deeply upset by Barry leaving. What I can’t understand is the belittling of his ability, because all it does is make the rest of our team look rubbish.

  • Given what Petrov said about his own contract negotiations, I think the money is there. Why not concentrate on what has been said by him – and Randy Lerner himself – than try to look too deep into the Gareth Barry situation?

  • Blame goes to nobody,he got offered a life changing pay rise and took it end of story,Good luck to him.

  • Everyone is getting so frustrated at Barry leaving and i don’t see why. I’m annoyed that he said he’d only leave for champions league football – then joins Man City – who are 2 seasons away from getting there due to the cash they have – and when they do he’ll be 30 and replaced by a better player.

    We need to find another world class centre half to go next to Davies – Laursen is a massive loss to us – more so than Barry. Our slide from 4th and doing well in Europe (Ajax game for example) Laursen was our leader, and commanding presence on the field.

    After his injury – our starting 11 noticed the loss of a world class player. In midfield Young, Milner and especially Petrov this year were the players than turned games for us – take Barry’s penalty’s away, and what difference would there have been if sidwell / reo / gardner we’re playing centre mid.

    I’ll not knock Barry’s ability to keep the ball moving, playing a nice simple game, with the odd hollywood pass. But against Liverpool, United, Arsenal he had no influence on the game. Players will come and go, but so far we have improved in the league and competitions every year with MON and Randy – why – becasuse we are building a team, the stadium, the infrastructure, youth and training set ups. There’s no reason we can’t improve next year – bigger squad, solid 5th in the league (fingers crossed better) and some cup runs without having to sacrifice them due to having 23 players

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