Date: 3rd March 2018 at 10:09am
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As you will know, the match at Villa Park against QPR has been called off today due to extreme weather conditions.

It`s the right decision, I have no doubt at all about that. Safety first. Imagine if something had happened to a loyal fan on the way to the game? And of-course in this litigious day and age, if anyone had slipped and hurt themselves at Villa Park the club could have found itself having to pay damages.

As one friend said on twitter:

And whilst the majority seem to agree the decision is correct, there is some rather bizarre anger out there as well… oh and some laughs at the end of these tweets also!

Along with an angry reaction in 100% Villa!

And still time for a puntastic laugh!

Love this response!

And a fan in Sweden points out to us how daft this country is when it snows. So true!


13 Replies to “Blizzard, What Blizzard? Some Bizarre Match Off Reactions”

  • Some of those reactions are priceless. Agree with you though Eltoro, that’s bad if the booking fee can’t be refunded.

  • Look on the bright side hopefully by the the time they play the game most of our injured will be back.

  • I would have really struggled to get out of our Estate to go anywhere..We have very poor public transport here.. although season ticket holders it is doubtful whether we could have safley got to VP today.. Remember not all fans are in their 20s and height

  • Another unexpected bonus of the game being cancelled is we all can all have a good laugh as that little club we all love to hate gets spanked in front of their frozen travelling 50 fans. This then Followed by the press release sacking yet another manager.

  • Complete tactical advantage. Football is about game changing players. Are core when good is Terry, grealish, adomah and kodja, with these playing we a different outfit. Without we crap, simple as that. 12 games to war and we been handed a gift.

  • Lorry stuck in the road by me when I went up to my parents to get them some supplies, that was within a minute of leaving my house. Can’t quite understand some (it is only some!) of the fans reactions.

    Eltoro, you sure about the booking fee? See

  • I can understand and sympathise with supporters who buy tickets but because of the distance they can only make Saturday matches, but thinking of the majority, I feel it was the best decision.

  • JP 1st pic down, AVFC official

    Today’s game with @QPRFC has been postponed due to the extreme weather conditions

    The fixture will now take place on Tuesday 13th March, 7.45pm kick-off

    Tickets already purchased are valid for the rearranged fixtur

  • No win situation for the club really, which ever decision they took was going to P off plenty of people. I managed to get into Brum no problem yesterday and it doesn’t seem to have affected people getting to the Athletics in the City Centre for the last f

  • Agreed JP, fans work hard all week for that ticket, and if the club can’t provide the entertainment on said date, all monies should be returned.

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