Date: 15th May 2012 at 6:58pm
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Paul Faulkner has spoken briefly about the season we want to forget, and has talked up the positives for a new incoming manager.

Speaking to the Official Site Faulkner used all the right words for me, both in terms of the honesty shown about the last campaign, but more importantly really given a lot of gripes the fans have, it was all the right words about us, about the club and about what we should be striving for.

Words like ‘reinvigorate’, ‘bring the vibrancy’, ‘passionate owner and phenomenal fanbase’ should leave plenty of fans with a smile on their face as we head into what should be a busy summer:

‘I think we want to find someone who can reinvigorate the squad, someone who can bring some vibrancy back to Villa. That’s what we need and that’s what we can get. You want someone who can inspire the players, inspire the fans and can deliver on the pitch.’

Faulkner also clearly believes that the Villa remain a good catch for an ambitious manager who is looking to grow with us and take advantage of all we can offer:

‘I think there are an awful lot of reasons you would want to come to Aston Villa. You look at the size of the club, the infrastructure we have here, both the facility at the training ground and our academy which are one of the best in the country and our stadium is one of the best in the country. We have a fantastic owner who loves the club and has supported the managers, there’s the club’s history, the fans are phenomenal, why would you not want to come here? That’s what Villa is, it’s a great club. Now, the past two years the first team has struggled, but Aston Villa is very strong.’

And we are. We’ve dipped, we’ve had hiccups (to be polite) but we are the Villa. We are a great opportunity for a manager who gets the ethos, understands what the fans want to see and who gets the history – understand the fans, play football the right way and we are a great opportunity for somebody to make their own history.

Admitting that last season was not good enough Faulkner adds:

‘It’s now a fresh start for us, it’s about next season, about bouncing back and getting Villa back where we should be, where we feel we should be. Where we are right now, we’re looking for a manager and we’re looking to go into next season and be in those positions where we will be in there challenging. We should be in that top half of the table and fighting for the European places, why not?We know there needs to be improvement and that’s what we’re going to be aiming for.’

Paul adds that Holman was at the training ground yesterday, so once the new man is identified work will continue to strengthen the team to give us the best possible shot of bouncing back properly and getting Villa Park rocking again. So whilst we won’t be ‘hanging around’ on an appointment, the club will be making sure it’s the right appointment, but they want somebody in place as soon as they can so he can have the best amount of time to work on targets.

‘We are very focused on this and we are going to give it absolutely everything. We have lots of people to consult and take advice from, that will be done as we aim to get the right man for Aston Villa.’

Briefly commenting about Alex, Paul adds – and I think rightly:

‘This has been a disappointing season for us. We had to make the decision with Alex and we did it with a heavy heart because Alex is a good man and he’s a good manager with a track record of success. Obviously he had that as a player and I’m sure he will go on in the future to have success but the results that we had this year simply weren’t good enough for Aston Villa.’

The quotes are all over the press today, but again the version of the interview on Sky Sports I think further shows Paul and Randy have ‘got it’ this time:

‘I suppose disaster would have been getting relegated, but this was too close for comfort. I think the fans’ feeling were because of our results, which were not good enough. This is the worst year that Villa has had in a generation.’

And on a final note…let’s leave the bookies and the media looking silly when it comes to the Mick McCarthy links eh!

The club have started mending bridges, let’s not jam a stick of C4 under it please!

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