Date: 6th May 2007 at 5:22pm
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Martin O’Neill has spoken about the £13million redevelopment of Bodymoor Heath training complex and said: ‘These facilities are second to none.’

The Villa manager cut the ribbon this morning of the all new and majorly improved training ground facilities with Sir Dennis of Mortimer and current club captain Gareth Barry.

He said ‘This place is absolutely terrific, it really is. We couldn’t ask for a better facility. I thought the current training ground was OK as it was, but this is another thing entirely. Now having such a state-of-the-art facility guarantees nothing on the field of play, but we will lack nothing in our preparations next season.’

‘There’s no doubt in the modern game that looking after players in the best possible way is becoming the norm. I hope the players are deserving of it. It will be great to train in a decent environment with great facilities. These are the last word. The facilities are totally different to what it was like in my day.’

If you went to the open day today, let us know how it went in the article comments below!

Certainly looks a bit different to what we had before with portacabins for some of the changing rooms!


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  • Went to the new training ground. It was AMAZING!!!! very impressive. We got greeted by the General on the door. This man will become a Villa LEGEND! he was such a top man and we are so lucky to have people the quality of the general and Randy involved in our club as they really do have the fans at heart.

  • Saw the video of the opening on villa world, the general seems like a right comedy character. The facilities look top class.

  • Barry looks like the distant son of Chris Coleman. It’s great being a Villa fan at the moment.

  • looks very impressive, past legend (mortimer), current heart beat of the team (barry) and potential legend (o’neill) all lined up quality, all we needed was Randy and the General in the background 🙂

  • Its a real shame to hear about Roeder,Sacked the same month MoN wins manager of the month.Makes his comments about MoN not having the guts to manage Newcastle seem a tad ironic.Hopefully O Neill sends him his commisorations.

  • An outstanding facility, very futuristic. Another huge step forward by the Randy Lerner era, who are well and truly dragging the club into the 21st century. We will be the envy of the very vast majority of our competitors, over the availability to our players of this superb complex.

  • It`s all just too much for me this weekend,ok all the beer doesn`t help but how emotional can this all get!! I`m half expecting Messi and Ronaldinho to sign tomorrow,thankyou Randy for all of it,i`m totally hetrosexual but i indeed love you.

  • Man, that club used to be good. Remember Ferdy, Shearer, Ginola, Lee, putting it about….what a fall from grace. Roeder – nice bloke, some ill-thought out comments from him earlier in the season. Newcastle is a poisoned chalice. Needs gutting out like our own club has been. Great fans. We’ll have Parker off them though.

  • If big sam goes to toon he’ll sort it out. Not quite sure how owen, emre and co will fit in to his long ball physical style? Newcastle spent about 40-50mill last season for 13th place!

  • If bad luck were a commodity worth selling they’d richer than Chelsea. Owen doesn’t want to stop anyway. Now Roeder has gone he’ll do one to LFC or Chelsea. It’s a real lesson to other clubs though. There’ll be an exodus there at end of season, mark my words.

  • Hmmmm! Or we could have Mr Owen I suppose. He’d look great on our bench behind Carew and Gabby!

  • Was thinking the same thing today, i reckon Milner would still be a great signing. He can play on both wings and delivers good crosses most of the time. Doubt the next newcastle manger will let him go, he’s been their best player this season

  • Blown away by all that is happening. Randy, General et al we salute you! Just little things like getting Sir Dennis involved, doing the Holte pub up interacting with us rank and file is bloody marvellous. We have top boys at the head of our great club. All we need is to do as fans is fill VP every match next season and make sure Randy, General and the other people upstairs know how much we appreciate what they are doing. [Sub text. Barry may indeed look a bit ‘Dorothy’ in that pic but have you seen his beau? Fwaooor!

  • After the pleasure of visiting Bodymoor yesterday for the tour, I got talking to a very nice bloke who works there when I was getting back on the coach.

    I asked……. ”was MON here today”, he replied ”yes, but after cutting the ribbon and talking to the press he got taken to B’Ham airport and flew to Spain to go and watch Madrid in action”………….I asked ”why has he gone to watch them play”……. in a very naive manner. He replied ”apparently he has gone to look at a player”.

    I kid you not people, and very interesting when you consider all we have heard over the past week is we will be going for WORLD CLASS PLAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!

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