Date: 17th September 2009 at 10:11am
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It seems not appearing on the pitch isn’t the only thing Freddy missed, he’s done yet another interview already!

The official site is in Fredster overdrive at the moment, it’s actually becoming difficult to remember which interview has already been covered on little old Vital Villa as the last thing loyal readers want is for us to start repeating ourselves….I say for us to start repeating ourselves.

I’m not even sure he got through the Bodymoor Heath gates this morning before Paul Brown jumped out in front of him and thrust a microphone into his distinguished face.

Anyhoo, here’s what he had to say.

After praising the fans, the club staff and his fellow team mates, Freddy has been careful not to leave out the love and support of his family during his last 14 months of hell.

He has previously admitted to having dark moments during his injury lay off, which is thoroughly understandable given not only the length of his spell on the sidelines but also the severity of the injury in the first place, but thankfully he’s built of stronger stuff and a wicked sense of humour, a loving wife and active kids were more than enough to keep a smile on his face for the most part.

‘There were points where I would think ‘oh my God this is taking a long time. But as long as you keep mentally strong mentally and believe in what you’re doing, you can get through it. I knew I was going to get through it.’

Bouma admits the real low point was when he found out he needed a second operation, however in hindsight it’s clear it was actually the high point of his recovery.

‘Because of it, I am moving like I was before the injury happened. Before, I was training but I was thinking ‘this is not right’.’

The second operation removed floating shards of bone from his ankle, that had crept through previous scans and had obviously been making training difficult for him.

He also says that whenever he felt low, or the day hadn’t gone as well as he had hoped for simply going home and seeing and spending time with his wife and kids was more than enough to snap him out of it, and put a smile back on his face.

‘Once I saw them, I felt much better.’

It’s about perspective. He knows there’s much worse things in life, he says so himself, so however down he may have been feeling, the comfort of loved ones and the sheer entertainment of children served to remind him of how lucky he actually is, and it gave him the strength to continue working hard.

If I was in his position, I don’t think I could wait to get back on the pitch…be an excuse to get away from the missus who always expects me to do jobs around the house!

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