Date: 18th September 2009 at 2:48pm
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Brad Friedel doesn’t have a bad world to say about this weekends opposite number David James, which is a shame because that would make this article far more interesting.

Friedel has known James for many years following their stint at Liverpool together, back then wasn’t James the most expensive goalie ever at around a 1 million when he moved from Watford??

Anyhoo, Friedel has had a cosy chat with the official site and has been full of praise for his fellow ageing friend.

‘David has been tremendous for a number of years. He is just a terrifically talented goalkeeper.’

This won’t come as news to Villan’s who had the pleasure of seeing Calamity in action for us for a period of time.

It’s hard to pick out another goalkeeper who was so sublimely talented yet capable of being horrifically error prone and liable to flights of fancy as James. I don’t even think Bozzie comes close when he had his ‘oh look Birdie flying in the sky’ moments.

It may just be me, but even watching highlights since James has left I’m still not confident watching him play, he always looks like he’s about to drop the ball, miss it, or go on a wander.

I’ll tell you one thing though – it took us long enough to replace him, and that alone shows you how good between the sticks the man is.

With a wry smile on his face, Friedel adds:

‘Hopefully he won’t be too difficult to beat at the weekend but he’s usually in top form so we’ll have to be at our best.

‘I can’t say enough good things about him, hopefully he’ll have an off day on Saturday.’

We definitely need him to have an off day, as is the case with most ex Villans they usually have the last laugh on their return and nobody is more aware of this than Monny who poked his head round the door and said:

‘In some of the games he has played in my time against Portsmouth, he has been very much the villain of the piece because he has come up big for them when we could have done with him letting one or two in.’

Monny left Paul Brown and Brad Friedel giggling as walked off saying:

‘I am sure he will be difficult to beat again this weekend,’ whilst dropping a few white capsules into the away team coffee jug.

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