Date: 24th November 2019 at 8:15pm
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It’s probably fair to say that the vast majority of Aston Villa fans are hoping to see the club dabble in the January transfer window and bring in some support and competition for summer signing Wesley.

The 22-year-old was one of our more expensive captures over the summer, and he has returned four goals and an assist so far, but there’s significant improvement for him to make in his play and performance levels. With Jonathan Kodjia seemingly unfavoured, and Keinan Davies out injured, an alternative option is a must in the New Year.

With a recent report suggesting that Crystal Palace could allow Christian Benteke to leave in the next window, it seems there are a number of fans who’d love our former striker to return.

With 49 goals to his name in 94 starts and seven substitute showings, plenty remember him well but it would be a massive risk as the now 28-year-old Belgian international has had a mare of it at Liverpool and Palace and he certainly hasn’t hit the form heights he did with us.

They do say you should never go back, I’m not sure I’d welcome it.

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9 Replies to ““Bring Him Home” “It’s A Risk” – These Villa Fans Think Former Player Would Be The Answer To Our Problems”

    • Never go back for me. Maybe a VP return would inspire him again, but I really don’t think we should be looking backwards – whether or not Wesley can step up more as he continues to adjust is one question, but I’d be looking for the next Benteke myself.

  • Christian’s confidence appears shot, so his return would be a massive gamble.

    Smith and co. had a really big task covering the loss of last year’s loanees and plugging the general gaps across the whole squad following promotion. The number of new faces recruited appeared high, but only reflected what was required to give Villa a chance in the Premier League.

    I think the management did well overall, but it is probably fair to suggest the forward line remained rather light. Benrahma was one of Smith’s misses, but it was cover for the centre forward role that looked the most questionable birth. Wesley’s signing was always going to be a gamble.

    Perhaps a concession against the young and hungry might has seen the experienced Rodriguez join for a modest fee and offered the cover option we really needed. However, that is all in the past now and it will be interesting to see if Kodjia can be moved on in January – possibly we missed the boat there, although understandably so, given the timing of the incoming offer for his services.

    My worry is Smith might throw his available budget at a winger, when a decisive finisher might be the better option to turn our fortunes around. We have squandered a fair few points from not being decisive enough up front (as well as not alert enough at the back), so is a centre forward not the top priority? Add in the fact Grealish now looks better suited playing in an advanced, semi wide role, are we not reasonably stocked down the flanks?

    There is talk of strikers Samatta, Monschein and Brewster being on our radar. If I were a betting man, I fancy Mr Pitarch might have one of the foreign options under close scrutiny.

  • he only performed when everything went through him with a stryk partner he’s not as good. he also positions himself in the same plase as wesly

  • Christian Benteke is a backwards step, he thought he was to big for Villa last time in the Premier league , he has been poor since Villa and hasn’t moved on or progressed, in fact he has regressed so thanks for the money but no thanks to a return

  • Is this a joke?
    Surely nobody is stupid enough to actually think Benteke is the answer?
    Wake up, he’s been shite since he left, what on earth makes anyone think he’ll be good again?
    Plus he thought he was to big for villa, so no, absolutely not.

  • Everyone thought Peter Withe was a backward step and look how that turned out. Never seen anyone better than Benteke at winning long forward balls and then holding it against numbers until the support turned up. Great at roughing up defences too. If he can be got cheap why not. Wesley has no confidence in front of goal and can’t handle PL physicality. It’s just a question of how long before he opens his arms, gives up and starts bleating. Do we need another winger?