Date: 28th May 2006 at 10:27am
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The Sunday papers, if right, have made me very sad!

According to several reports Martin O’Neil is looking to return to football management and has a choice between Sunderland or Middlesbrough.

VILLA is the place he should be coming, the fans have already made it very clear to the board of Aston Villa what they think of the current incumbent and yet we appear to be stuck with him? He is unpopular with the press, the fans and many of the players, the only person who apparently likes him is Doug who believes last season was a ‘one off’ so much so that despite us finishing 16th and not making the top ten once, he thinks we can sell our quality players and still get into the top ten next season! Surely those sycophantic salutes during both derby games v Birmingham City weren’t successful in convincing Doug that he’s got the right manager for the job!?!??!

Season ticket sales have dropped dramatically and the only thing that would have changed that – short of Ellis leaving – would be the arrival of a top manager. David O’Leary is not a top manager but Martin O’Neil is. O’Neil could easily build an empire at Villa, O’Leary is only capable of looking after his own career.

Doug Ellis made massive mistake number one when he refused to bring Nottingham Forest legend Brian Clough to Villa Park years back saying ‘there is only one Mr Aston Villa’. His second massive mistake will be to miss out on Martin O’Neil who is available, apparently likes Aston Villa and would like a job near to his home.

Mr Ellis, there is a thing called reflected glory. If you’d brought in the right manager and backed him, Villa would be where we were when you left, Champions. That glory would be enjoyed by the manager and players but would also have been reflected on you.



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  • Yea, but he won’t. Have to say that I’d rather not sign any new players and bring in Martin O’ Neill (2 ll’s mate). We could spend our miniscule transfer budget on sacking DOL.

  • Jonathan, seemingly in defence of Doug, I don’t think there’s much option (just now) but to keep DOL and see how he performs this coming season. I think we all fear the worst, but I’m sure Doug will get rid of him by Christmas if it is so bad. Agreed that

  • Hey let’s face it, if Baros has a good WC he’s gone regardless of who’s manager – this was only ever a way out of Liverpool for him, a chance to play regularly and as soon as a Spanish or italian club comes in for him (with a good enough offer) he’ll be o

  • Skeggy – it’s true. If you put their pictures side by side, they are the same apart from hair colour. Also, Google throws up some fascinating stories about his background…

  • Why would a Man like Martin O’Neill come to Villa? there is no way he could work with DD. We will not get a top class Manager Ellis remains.

  • I agree with “the_lergy”. This is just not going to happen. The point about DOL has been very strongly put, I was even at the game where the now famous “we’re not fickle” banner was roled out and was shown on MOTD. But dispite all of this DD sticks to him

  • O’Neill is prostituting himself to every club with a vacancy, and then turns down the job in an attempt to keep his profile high so that, when Ferguson leaves Man Utd next summer, he is still attractive enough for that job.

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