Date: 22nd September 2018 at 9:00am
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Speaking ahead of today’s Championship tie with Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce has confirmed that he has invited former Villan James Collins to train with us as we take a closer look at the 35-year-old centre-half.

This is what happens when you fail to plan and let your only other centre-half leave on-loan because his face doesn’t fit – you end up with somebody who few want back given the manner of his first departure.


The Birmingham Mail have our manager saying.

“James is coming in training with us when he is available. He has nicked a hamstring, unfortunately. He has been fit with West Ham and Ipswich so we have invited him up. I have known him a long time. We have invited him up to get his hamstring fit and come and train with us and we will take it from there.”

So even this is going to be a drawn-out process because he’s not yet fit.

Eggs, one basket, can you panic anymore looking for numbers?

I need no additional words.


12 Replies to “Bruce Confirms Villa Transfer Speculation – Former Villan Is On Trial”

  • I am one of the unintelligent ones that fail to see the advantage for Aston Villa in taking on an old centre half who was not that good when he was young ( apart from heading a ball and hoofing it upfield ) and not even fit.

  • He is on trial for goodness sake. It makes a lot of sense short term. Villa had very little time in transfer market to sort anything out as we had an embargo until 1 August. In Championship you need physical and ariel presence at centre back. Elphick was too similar to Chester ( and not as good). As a pairing they were far too small. Of course Collins would only be a short term option. I was taking to some West Ham fans a couple of weeks ago on holiday and they would all have kept him as an option. Let’s see what he trains like. Surely nothing to lose?

    • After last time, no not for me…there were enough headlines. Villa had plenty of time, right up till deadline day – didn’t need to let Elphick leave and ruin our negotiating position.

  • Have to disagree with you Mike about time and Elphick. No problems with Tommy as cover for Chester, but I would definitely not have played them as a partnership. We still have to think of FFP, and so off loading players on good wages who are going to get very little football makes sense ( DeLaet likewise). Loan deals can take a lot of time to sort and can usually only be done last minute. That leaves free agents. Terry was obviously first and best choice, but I can only presume FFP scuppered that. Collins or Huth who have physical presence as options to Axel I see as fine to play alongside Chester SHORT term – until January).. Hopefully if either did join then Jedi would not be needed in back 4..ATM I can understand why he is utilised there ( although I would bring Axel back for today). one is right or wrong

    • As is your right Squire!

      I just think we prioritised Moukoudi when it should’ve been obvious he had reservations – and eggs in one basket has cost us as Elphick should never have been allowed to leave without cover being signed on the dotted line. It’s amateurish.

      De Laet I’m amazed he never got a chance after pre-season showings, but we’re well stocked at fullback in some senses so that makes sense to me with FFP.

      I’d rather Huth, Collins has marked his copybook and that’s the bottom line for me – not his potential ability. Just the same as I never wanted Joey Barton when we were often linked. Somethings should be more important than football and re Elphick, we put ourselves in this position and we didn’t need to and it’s all about Bruce’s favourites (all managers have them granted). Elphick certainly isn’t worse than Jedi in performances we’ve seen though.

      Notwithstanding my objection to the deal – how far off fitness is Collins anyway?

  • Yes, agree about the fitness situation with Collins. If he’s not ready in next 2-3 weeks then no point. DeLaet looked good as a wing back, but not necessarily in a flat back 4 IMO. It’s the size of Elphick/ Chester potential partnership which worried me. I didn’t like it under DiMatteo. Not enough physical presence. I would also guess that Elphick put a lot of pressure on to leave. It’s no good to him just being an under study. Anyway no benefit in looking backwards. What has happened is history. Got to look forward to make best decisions for future. Gary Cahill in January please?

  • I think Brucie is being a bit foolish regarding Collins, Charlie Aitkin would be a much better option and he has no injury niggles to worry about.

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