Date: 18th December 2017 at 11:23am
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The doubts are still there after another poor performance by Villa on Saturday v Derby County.

Another decent post from our forum, (Match thread – Click Here), worthy of front paging.

I know some think a few losses and ‘everyone` is on the managers back, but actually the vast majority of the doubters aren`t rabid anti-Bruce fans, they just want to see a bit of decent football or at least some top results. I believe we have 2 points from the top five this season. That`s awful. Injuries are a problem but then, I saw a tweet earlier that puts pay a little to that.

McParlandTheGreat said:

Bottom line: playing as we are we don’t have a serious chance of going up. We might yet just scrape the playoffs, but we don’t look capable of beating ANY of the teams who might also be there. If by some fluke we did get promoted, we haven’t got the basis of a team which could survive the PL, and more signings won’t help. We need a step change in the way we play, not more players shoved into our current dire approach.

We have a pretty good defence, and that’s about it. We have some good individuals further forwards, but they aren’t set up to crack the opposition defences. The movement is far too slow, and because of it we end up holding on the ball for too long then giving it away. We don’t do plans; we don’t do what nearly every other manager does which is look at the opposition and work out the best way to crack it. We keep on playing the favoured players when they’re clearly not doing it, and ignoring the other talent which could add some zip to our performances.

I was hoping we’d be at least near the top of the playoffs come the new year. As it is, I’d be extremely surprised if we’re there at all.

This isn’t going to change. A few loan signings in the window won’t change things. Bruce has had long enough. We can’t afford to wait until next summer. Bruce can probably expect the remainder of this year to pull things around but if he hasn’t then I think he has to go. We need to be able to look forwards to the future, not sit back and accept our fate.

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A user, DR on our VV facebook added:

Time for the negative one to take a walk. Appalling, negative football allied to baffling team selections – why play a hopelessly out of form midfield player as a lone striker? Because the manager would have been happy with a draw.

He does not have the mentality to be a successful Villa manager, a year of the most mind numbing performances I have witnessed in my 45 years of going to Villa games is enough.

We need to get out of this division this year however Bruce will repeat last years mid table position at best.

Chieftoast added in the forum:

If we have the tools at our disposal… (and spent millions getting them i.e. Hogan) surely it’s the workman that’s at fault for not using the tools successfully? I like Bruce but he’s making it hard to defend him by not playing a recognised striker but having 2 on the bench.

I don’t understand how we never have a plan B … every team is different to play against. Someone on the coaching staff needs to look at the teams we’re playing and find their weakness – if they struggle with big centre forwards, play Davis and a formation that suits. If they have big but slow centre backs, play Hogan and give him thru balls. Leeds realised we were a little dodgy on crosses after making mistakes coming up to their game so their corners were sent into 6yrd box putting Johnstone under pressure. Someone did their homework. What do our coaches do? We’re predictable to play against.

We have the tools- different types of footballers… but always the same tactics. Football isn’t rocket science, surely the professional athletes can cop of we play this formation, play this way…. play that formation play that way.


Thoughts Villans? I still think we might plod our way to the play-offs and then once there, who knows? It`s a lottery. BUT I don`t like going up via play-offs, you need a proper momentum to stand a chance of going up and then staying up. I do not ever, ever, ever, want to see Villa become a yo-yo club.


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  • Every time we lose a couple of games on the spin, all the drama about Bruce being a dinsoaur and clueless starts. I said on Saturday, if any other club who were 5th in the league wanted to sack their manager, we would be laughing our heads off at them cal

  • I understand what you are saying garygaryshaw. You get SOME who were anti him from the start and always come back out louder. However, the football is woeful at the moment, apart from the odd good performance like v QPR and for me, those good performanc

  • He’s never been known for building good footballing teams though, I knew when he came on board he was going to make us difficult to beat and a team that grinds results out. Its not always great to watch, but I’m only interested in winning promotion at the

  • I have to say, I get absolutely no pleasure or satisfaction from watching us play. I don’r expect us to play like Man City or Barcelona, but nor do I expect us to struggle against the calibre of teams we are facing week in, week out. Our record is appalli

  • we aren’t good enough says it all when you are relying on terry and jedi to get back wtf they are 2 old players who have had the best days Kodjia is the big miss coz hes only one who knows where the goal his that Hogan hes no good then you are relying on

  • Agree Gary G Shaw, if Gabby had been on, the same people would have slated Bruce for that. That does not mean their opinion can be dismissed, anymore than dismissing fans views because they like Bruce. The point is it is valid. It matters not a jot wheth

  • I’m afraid I can’t take anymore of managers who come to Villa and try to make changes then revert to players who just arn’t good enough, sorry all you Gabby fans he should never play for Villa’s 1st XI again, its the exactly whats hold youngsters back and

  • We won’t make the playoffs our record against the top teams is rubbish and we have scraped past the weaker teams for me it’s the management i know we have injuries but if we were set up right we are still good enough

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