Date: 17th August 2017 at 8:42am
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I have to say, I`m struggling with the recent quotes from Steve Bruce.

In an interview with Gregg Evans at The Birmingham Mail he admits the players must do better. Ok, that`s kinda an obvious part so I agree there! But then he goes on to imply, as he did last season at points, that some of the players go into hiding because of the size of Aston Villa.

Now come on… really?

Bruce said “The enormity of Aston Villa also comes into play. I`ve quickly learned that. Unfortunately, at the moment, I`m not getting the best out of them because some of them have shied away.”

Shied away from doing their job? With the time Bruce has had now, can he not be accused of doing the same IF he really can`t get the players doing what he is asking? And what are the coaches doing? The only people that haven`t shied away are the fans. 5000 at Cardiff City, sold out v Reading on a miserable Tuesday night and all to watch utter garbage. It`s an amazing fan base. It`s not an amazing team at the moment though and that`s the key. We don`t play as a team. There aren`t many players I`d swap from Cardiff or Reading but both outplayed us because they are a cohesive unit.

Isn`t that the managers job to make us the same?

We are a big club but come on folks, we aren`t that big so as to frighten our players! We`ve not had frightened of the club players before, why are we meant to believe we have that now? The football pitch is a great leveller, it`s not as if they can even blame the weight of expectations at Villa Park yet, our two defeats were on the road.

He goes on to explain, “They`ve found it difficult to get established. They`ve found it difficult to find the form which is why they`re at Aston Villa. They then have to grasp the nettle to and go forward with it.”

I bought this last season as he was trying to get a team settled and new players came in at quite a dramatic rate. But they`ve had half of last season and pre-season and are still finding it hard to ‘grasp the nettle`?

They`d best grasp it pretty damn quick otherwise the fans will turn totally and there won`t be a hope in hell of promotion. If we don`t go up this season, with the way the parachute payments massively drop and the FFP rules are so tight in the Championship, we could find ourselves there for quite some while.

He adds: “They have to improve and I have to help them improve.” The time to do that was throughout last season and in pre-season Steve. The pressure now is massively on them all, including the manager, in our home game v Norwich this weekend.



13 Replies to “Bruce Says Players Are Scared. I’m Not Buying That Excuse”

  • Pathetic excuse and even worse motivational talk for the players. Bruce has had a full pre season to get these players playing football, implementing a style of play. We saw in pre season against shrewsbury and Walsall that we played no football, created

  • So JT is shying away because its a big club. Really? This is all a smokescreen. What about the reverse psychology that the boost of playing for such a club should have them bursting with pride and playing harder? Look back through history, we have never,

  • Sadly VOTN that’s exactly what it looks like. This is ridiculous. Agreed Gordonsleftboot and HolteEnd2610

  • Papers state “Bruce has 3 games to save his job” let’s see if this gives him the kick up the rear end he deserves for this nonsense he comes out with.

  • I’m not completely agreeing with Bruce on this, but it does happen and there have been occasions in the past – not just at Villa either. Wasnt Tommy Johnson petrified the first few months he played for us, I remember him vomiting on the pitch during a gam

  • They are scared. Too scared to try something, they are playing in their shells. You can’t win if all your players are hiding in the team & waiting for others to show the initiative. I’m not saying Bruce is innocent he should have bought another powerf

  • Bruce’s comments will do much to boost the team morale …. NOT , does this sound like he’s lost the dressing room. Sad to say I think the damage is done. I wanted him to succeed but enough is enough.

  • I love the Villa but we’re hardly Real Madrid at the moment. Most of the squad were not even born when we last won the league so what are they seeing that scares then so much?

    It’s a terrible excuse. And I’m pretty sick of excuses. 10 months he’s been

  • Nerves can definitely impact a player’s performance gary, but Mr Fear is spot on with his article – it is not the ‘size of our club’ which is having an effect, that suggestion is ridiculous. May I suggest, Mr Bruce, that if players like Lansbury and Houri

  • Now reportedly looking at Colback … another midfielder , think we need right back cover too !!!! … sshh don’t mention forwards ???

  • If he ends up getting sacked we will hit the reset switch again, becoming once again a ‘team in transition’ and waiting 18 months for the new manager to ‘bring in his own players’ before anyone judges him. None of us want that again

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