Date: 18th December 2013 at 10:18am
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Now I realise that this is a divisive issue, but nonetheless thought I would put my two penneth in.

With the current goings on and 25% of Premiership Managers losing their jobs since the beginning of the season, it increases the debate as to the ‘panic quick fix’ as opposed to the showing of faith and the building of a dynasty.

There are I suppose arguments for both, are things spiralling out of control and urgent action is required (Sunderland and Di Canio spring to mind), bear in mind that he somehow preserved their Premiership status with an impact at the end of last year when they looked dead and buried, however after being backed in the Summer he definitely looked to have lost the plot, and although Gus Poyet seems slightly volatile, their performances in my eyes have improved and there appears to be some harmony.

Cardiff on the other hand seems a different kettle of fish altogether with a megalomaniac calling the shots and in my view seriously undermining a young manager who helped to get them into the top flight and is fighting to keep them there… (if I was Malky I would be looking elsewhere with increased rapidity). I do not believe stability will be achieved here.

AVB at Spurs is a strange one, yes you have been trounced at home and that hurts like hell, allied to the 6-0 away at City the fans disgruntlement and a trigger happy Daniel Levy spelt the end. I am not sure they intended to build a dynasty with AVB , but he is young enough if that was where they were planning on going. Tim Sherwood might be the man to drive that forward.

So that is three where there has been movement (or will be in the case of Cardiff), add to that Holloway who struggled , Clarke who if reports are right upset the wrong people and Jol who seemed to lose all fight and the merry go round starts up.

Now the longevity argument always has three names thrown up Ferguson, Moyes and Wenger. No arguing about Fergie (at the biggest club in the land), a man who seemed to be able to build several successful teams in the years. Wenger likewise keeps on going and runs the club from top to bottom (allegedly), this season has seen them look almost as strong as the team 10 years or so ago. the Moyes at Everton one is more difficult, as Martinez seems to have taken them on another level…is this based upon the groundwork put in by Moyes and his team, that had poor seasons and decent seasons (never won anything though). is that now the right man at the right time, (maybe Dave Whelan is right).

So after all my preamble/rambling I come to Villa (at last I hear you cry). I have seen so many Manager come and go, and although I am not a raving fan of Paul Lambert, I think I can see what he is trying to do(whether it is working or not is debated ad infinitum on here). I truly believe that Randy Lerners appointment of Gerard Houllier and Gary McCallister was taken with the hope of instilling a long term model after the rapid departure of MON. Now I think the worshipping of Liverpool and the surrender monkeying at Citeh were unforgiveable…..however had GH remained fit and well perhaps the plan may have worked.

Lambert is trying to turn this great club around, does the owner really care (we don’t honestly know)…. is a change risky (judging on past appointments yes it is)…. is the football poor ( majority appear to think it is), do we need to start all over again? and if so with who./ and with what backing?

In my mind no we don’t, we persevere, get through the tough times and come out stronger, not enter that cyclical manager merry go round… sit tight, have faith…. and see what another season brings (as long as we improve this year on last).