Date: 15th February 2018 at 12:11pm
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It’s being reported that Aston Villa’s pre tax losses have been slashed in our latest set of accounts.

Despite missing an immediate return to the Premier League following our relegation to the Championship, InsiderMedia are reporting today that our latest set of accounts covering last season show that pre tax losses have been reduced from £80million in 2016 down to £14.5million.

Now these numbers appear to come from the Recon Group UK for the period June 2016 to May 2017, so until we get sight of the figures relating to Villa directly there may be other things at play here but clearly such a jump towards break even is to be welcomed and it shows progress is being made under Keith Wyness.

Turnover obviously fell from £108.8million to £73.8million but a drop off in attendance for a period, the closure of the Upper Trinity and being able to demand less in advertising revenues will have all chipped away at that – not least the loss of the Premier League television cash.

Broadcasting revenue dropped from £65million to £48million and gate receipts were down to £10.7million from £12.4million to demonstrate the fact.

Sponsorship is key being outside of the top flight as that plummeted from £11.8million to £2.7million according to the report.

Other headline figures show a drop from 1,623 employees to 1,064 following cuts to staff, backroom management and players.

The period is Dr Tony Xia’s first in charge of the club following the takeover so hopefully over to the fine folks on this website who actually understand accounts properly as they give their annual explanation recap.

As said though, if this is from the Recon Group UK’s accounts, there may be some differences to account for still.

I think the following tweet needs no commentary.

With Steve Round commenting on profit in player sales in his bumper interview, that is also backed up.

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8 Replies to “By The God’s We’re Improving Off The Pitch As Well”

  • The staggering difference in salaries of Fox & Wyness shows just how poorly this club was being run.

  • Brum Mail saying Aston Villa Football Club Ltd accounts show a loss of £.7.5million for the year, down from £29.6million. £26.6million profit on offloading players.

  • Fox milked the club! He wasn’t worth anywhere near what he was paid, it was absolutely outrageous! Thankfully we have responsible people running the club now.

  • Just mindboggling isn’t it…think of the cuts we wouldn’t have needed to make had he been on a sensible salary! At least we’re finally going in the right direction but some figures seem a little all over the place still and a few different commentaries

  • When fox arrived I was happy. Core problem was Lerner. At arsenal he worked wonders. When he arrived Lerner expected magic without spending. No one could succeed under Lerner. Still think if Martin oneil had bought a top striker with his awesome midfield

  • Just a shame that a Russian or Arab did not buy us when Lerner took over. We were ripe for great things. The guy has taken us back 2 decades. Hope Dr x comes good once we back in pl. I want quality over quantity. Keep the current team but add 3 players f

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