Date: 30th July 2009 at 11:02am
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Vital Villa asked in our last poll:

Can Sidwell Replace Barry following quotes from the Villa midfielder that he was fit, hungry and willing to step up to the plate… not exactly sure what that expression means to be honest, sounds like I know what I’m on about though and that is all that is important… Vital Illusion!

Article: Steve Sidwell – The Gareth Barry Replacement?

33% said no, he can’t replace Barry! Ouch.

28% disagreed voting ‘yes, he can be as good’.

25% doubted his ability but wanted the former Reading and Chelsea midfielder to be given a chance.

8% believe Sidwell can be better than Barry was and 6% voted ‘just about’.

Our latest poll, following more press links, asks who would you prefer, Darren Bent or Robbie Keane (or both, or neither!)

So there you go, another major issue dealt with!
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