Date: 6th August 2009 at 7:31pm
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The Tom Ross Football Phone In (trying saying that after a few sherberts) is back this Friday night.

Tom just said on his Facebook page:

‘The football phone in is back this Friday ahead of the championship season getting underway… but we also have plenty to talk about for our Premiership clubs… 6 til 7 on 1152 am GOLD and tickets up for grabs.’

Always enjoy these phone in’s and think, despite him supporting the ‘dark side’ that he is balanced when it comes to Midlands football.

So there you go, a quick plug for them!

Must admit his show nearly caused me to crash once. Someone rang in and said ‘Sorry Tom, I can’t talk, I’m a mouse’. I don’t usually like the numptie calls but that one just made me cry from laughing!