Date: 10th July 2009 at 9:28am
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Good grief, 48 hours must be a long time in football, John Carew has seen his value plummet from £10million on Wednesday to £5million today!

What did I miss!??!

Well, according to The Mirror Villa face a ‘battle’ (not a swoop or a race this time) to keep hold of Holte End cult hero… (read it again you plonker, I said CULT) … Carew who will be subject to a £5million bid.

HE WAS WORTH £10MILLION WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?! Shock Spurs Bid For Carew? To be fair, IF he was being sold, I’d think £5m would be slightly nearer to the right value than £10m… maybe half way in between?

Apparently Appy Arry has ‘courted’ the player all summer… sorry? Courting, is that another word for tapping up? I’ve not seen Arry do any such thing.

The 29-year-old Norway international is hero worshipped by a large sector of Villa fans and despite his bust up over the late night curfew breaking before the Ajax game and the questionable pulling out of the Moscow away match, he did seem to get back to fitness and finished the season on the hot form he is known and loved for. The question mark is whether he can do that all season but then, he missed 20 odd games last season with injury and was still joint top scorer, if he’d not missed so much, no doubt he’d have got over the 20 mark.

The Mirror say Carew’s position will be put under thread as Martin O’Neill is set to bid for Portsmouth and England striker Peter Crouch.

Crouch for Carew, don’t think that would go down well with the majority, I’ll ask in our latest poll.

Our poll this week had the no’s winning out on the question: So, Should Villa Sign Peter Crouch From Pompey?

The same report also repeats the link to a £6m bid for Leeds young starlet Fabian Delph who Everton are also after.

It might be that Everton and Villa have already bid for him and had those bids turned down: Leeds Reject Delph Bid

The Daily Mirror also report that Everton are set to bid £4million for Sheffield United right-back Kyle Naughton who we are also repeatedly linked with.

They repeat the report from yesterday that Stewart Downing might be out until christmas leaving his England 2010 world cup dream in shatters and a potential move to Villa over.

One we’ve been linked with before, Spurs striker Darren Bent has been subject to a £12million bid by according to the Mirror but Spurs are holding out for £16million. Wow, might be a long wait then!

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21 Replies to “Carew Out – Crouch In? + Other Transfer Talk!”

  • OK, so we’ve got a seasoned international, that’s proved a handful for some of the best defences in the league last year, is nigh on unplayable on his day, and he’s worth £5m? At the same time we’ve had a bid rejected for a guy who’s looked good 2 leagues below this, has had a couple of U21 appearances and not much else, but he’s worth in excess of £6m? At the same time a young fullback who again hasn’t been proven at a premier league level, yet alone european games and internationals, and he’s worth £4m at least too, is he?
    I think the phrase I’m looking for is that Harry Redknapp is a melted faced scumbag, who moans the place down when somebody takes an interest in one of his boys, and thinks they’re all world beaters, but doesn’t mind unsettling a player with a frankly ridiculous bid of his own. The sooner that crook retires the better.

  • Crouch in, Carew out will never happen. NEVER! I am now prepared to say that if it does I will eat both of my knees, post the video on Youtube, then demand money from MON’s own pocket to pay for knee replacement surgery. Mikey.

  • I just hope this rumour is a joke. Carew is one of the best target men in the PL and I don’t expect to sell him.

  • i like the way on the official site that MON says we have IMMEDIATE replacements lined up for GB and ML surely immediate would have been a month ago or at least 10 days ago? not having ago though as im confident well get the right men in sometime

  • i want it to happen just so i can see a man eat his own knees then cry because MoN wont return his calls lol

  • LOL! I’m starting to get nervous now. I will be constantly looking over my shoulder and hearing voices saying that the Gangle-meister is on his way!

  • A player with the strike rate Carew has even with injuries is easily worth nearer the 10m price. He wont be going anywhere! I heard a rumour in January that Villa were thinking of bidding for Delph and letting the fonz go out on loan as part of the deal but as Carew was injured and we only go heskey in it was called off. If it happened this time round then surely we must be in for another striker as well.

  • the media are dodgy parasites feeding on crumbs. it is them that gets us bored during the transfer window, not MON.

  • Interesting when you read the stats about where a players value comes from. Spuds will release a story saying they are chasing £5m rated Carew. Villa should be releasing a story saying that we have rebuffed a derisory approach from Spuds for £25m rated Carew. Everything nowadays is in the spin and who controls the media. As for his value to Villa. Last season JC started 19 league games and scored 11 goals. As a comparison it is worth considering that Torres started 24 league games for Murderpool for his 14 league goals. So both JC and Torres scored at an average of a goal every 1.7 starts. If Torres is currently valued ay £35m then JC must be worth in excess of £20m. However I would let Harewood leave for £5m if Spuds want him.

  • I’ve just read that Stuttgard in Germany have had a bid of £17 mil accepted for Jan Klass-Huntelaar. Surely this guy is worth that money in the current climate. I mean Stuttgard only finished 15th in the Bundesliga so Villa could offer him European football. This lad in a goal scorer – simple… he’s proven at international level with a ratio of better than a goal every two games for holland….Please MON… go for him before somebody with more financial clout does.

  • Very good post voiceoftheholte. I trust all’s well with you and yours? Replacing John Carew with Peter Crouch would be absolute lunacy, a recipe for disaster. I dont for one sweet second though believe that such a move is in MON’s line of thought, although of course that wont stop that lovable little rogue Redknapp testing the water, via his farcical offers of £5 million quid whatever. Carew’s value in todays market place, should MON ever consider offloading him, would surely be between £12-£15, and that would be an absolute minimum. Anyhow, JC is the only proven striker worthy of that description, that we currently have on the books. As voth says, ‘Arry can have Marlon Harewood for £5 million if Spurs are shopping in the bargain basement department for a new centre-forward.

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