Date: 17th August 2009 at 3:37pm
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Martin O’Neill is quoted in an article by Mathew Kendrick of the Birmingham Mail (Bill Howell has moved to another team, we’ve not got the ever great (!) Lisa Smith and Mathew Kendrick covering Villa) that it was John Carew’s decision to pull out on Saturday.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but this one had rumbles to it …. there is no way the player/medical staff etc wouldn’t have had an early fitness test for the player if he as a doubt. If it was a pull or strain before the game fine, these things happen, but if JC’s foot was that bad, it wouldn’t / shouldn’t have been a last minute decision. Wonder if the same decision would have been made if he’d been a starter? Only asking…!

MON said the Doc had told him about JC’s sore toe but they thought he’d be ok, otherwise he’d not have been on the team sheet.

He added he was hoping he could be used if needed (and boy oh boy was he needed!) ‘But obviously John thought his foot was sore enough not to be able to take his place. It will always be the player’s decision eventually, absolutely…..I was hoping he’d be able to play, I was aware of the injury, but I abide by the player’s decision.’

He says they’ll asses the injury this week. Carew meanwhile said he had an infection in his toe and it was sore so he felt he couldn’t play. Did he only just notice in warm up then? This is all madness!

Anyway, he is hoping for a miraculous recovery from this most heinous of injuries in time for Thursdays interflora game v Rapid Vienna….. which is nice.

Such a shame. He did this before the Ajax game, he did this before the Moscow game….. he’s done it again. We need him in the team, fully fit, fully focused and banging them in, the other strikers aren’t half the talent he is.