Date: 22nd March 2010 at 12:34pm
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Well, John Carew says he used some fancy trickery in his two ‘borderline’ (read, offside…!) goals against Wolves at the weekend.

He told Matt at the Birmingham Mail:

‘That’s the trick! It just comes with experience.’

Adding, ‘We are always playing on the limit and that makes a difference between not scoring a goal and scoring a goal. It is just part of being a striker. You have to be hungry enough to get into the positions and try and outsmart the defender’s movements.’


He was certainly hungry, he has played in the last couple of games how he should play every game, his performance in the second half against Reading was outstanding and just illustrates what a player he could and should be for us and IS on his day. If he could only find that magic ingredient of consistency, he’d be scoring as many as Darren Bent up at Sunderland and would be up there with the Didier Drogba’s of the world in the ratings of strikers.

I’m not sure he likes the cold to be honest, he goes off the boil heading to Christmas, gets injured over the New Year then comes back strong as we head to the spring! lol

On the official site Big John added: ‘We are a bit disappointed but as we said after the game it could be a very important point in the end. In a few weeks we could be saying that point was a very important one and we still didn’t lose the game. We were hoping and expecting we would take three points.’ Full interview including his praise for ‘nightmare’ Ashley Young :

And a picture of a halibut: Click Here

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