Date: 1st February 2007 at 10:18am
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Martin O’Neill has returned to his old haunt in Scotland and taken Celtic’s Shaun Maloney just before the transfer window closed last night.

The 24-year-old Malaysian-born midfielder signed for £1m on a three-and-a-half-year deal.

The Scotland international, in the 2005-6 season, became the first player to win both the Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards.

Maloney brings yet more versatility to Villa as he can play as an attacking midfielder or a striker and according to the official site has tremendous pace and a great eye for a goal.


25 Replies to “Celtic’s Maloney Makes It Three”

  • It is great to see him in the claret and blue dress. He is good prospect and he will fit in our young and perspective squad, something like Arsenal last year. Now they (we) are going to be better and better. Up the Villa.

  • Says he is highly rated north of the border, If he is highly rated why was he so cheap, I have to admit not knowing anything about him but MON obviously does.

  • He was hopefully ‘so cheap’ for the same reason Roy Keane was so cheap when he was signed from Cobh Ramblers.

    The same applies to any number of amazing/decent/not so decent players who have made the trip from elsewhere to the Premiership. Some of them make it big, some of the make it OK, and some don’t make it, but until they are proven in the Prem they come cheap.

    It doesn’t mean they are no good though …

  • It’s a big step from the SPL to the Premiership as Barry Ferguson an Stylian Petrov have proved. However if he’s half as good as Young and Carew were last night then it’s been a very succesful January.

  • He was cheap because his contract was up this coming summer and he’d signed a pre contract with us. The deal yestarday ws just to get him in now rather than wait.

  • Cant argue with it for a million really – the guy is an international and if it doesnt work out well at villa then they will be no shortage of takers at the same price, or more if he is under a longer term contract.

    I have a good feeling about this guy though. Cant compare him with Petrov really – the guy is a true Brit and adjusting to the prem would be a lot easier.

  • right mid in a 4-3-3, good option over petrov, also up front left or down the middle. also could play in barrys shoes if barry played left back.

  • Good luck with Celtic reserves there boys. Oh, and thanks for the donation of the million pounds. You had him for free! Great business there. Congratulations. I bet you all feel good knowing that those not good enough for the SPL are the key players in your “best in the world” EPL. How does that go again? hahahahaha

  • Weetim,It seems like they can’t get out of parkhead quick enough!!.Is there something wrong with the food, or does the saying “rats and a sinking ship” say something.

  • BobTheBuilder – he came “cheap”, because in 6 months time his contract with Celtic expired and he would then have been able to move for “free”. So MON opted to outbid Fulham (bid £0.5mill) and get him now as opposed to waiting 6 months. Very sensible to my mind. Ellis would never do this, he’d wait as long as possible and lose out.

  • OneloveVilla – have you got something against Scottish players. done well by us in the old days. What’s the problem you intimate at Celtic – they’ll win the Scottish Prem by a “mile”?

  • Very pleased with our January transfer business, and I include loan signing Phil Bardsley in that little group. Have to admit to knowing very little about Shaun Maloney, but the fact that he was Scotland’s Player Of The Season and Young Player Of The Season in the same year, suggests that he arrives with quite a pedigree. Also his step-up in moving down south doesnt appear to have gone down too well with either Celtic Football Club or its supporters, so obviously they are pretty miffed to lose him. Welcome to Villa Park Shaun.

  • weetim67…it always makes me smile when I see comments like yours. They so often come back to bite you. Come back in a couple of seasons to see if you or MON are right.

  • weetim67, this guy is good and you weren’t playing him as he was going to “do a Bosman” anyway. Why did you offer him 18k per week to stay? I know you stood by him when injured, but tell me, where is there any loyalty in football nowadays? Darren Bent is rated at 17m!

  • not many people know bout him agreed but i dont think anyone realises the extent of this guys talent. THIS IS SCOTLANDS ANSWER TO ROONEY. no joke check out his goals on you tube he is class. altho he is apparently quite injury prone altho for 1 million i think this is gonna turn out to be our best purchase but then young and carew are awesome so il say it is up there on quality. have faith this guy has some SERIOUS potential. cheks him out on you tube. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT THE FUTURE IS CLARET AND BLUE

  • hey guys….well i’m gutted at the loss of Maloney and here’s why…

    gutted gutted gutted… and if there are celtic fans reading this thinking mcgeady can do that… get your head checked…at the end of the day strachan wanted him out like most other MON players so he could bring in experienced losers like Graveson, Kenny Miller, Paul Hartley, Jarosik etc etc etc

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