Date: 8th May 2006 at 6:47pm
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Censorship is alive and well and residing in B6 as fans had banners taken off them before entering the ground OR removed when they were put up.

Freedom of speech no longer an option Mr Ellis? Feeling under pressure Mr O’Leary?

Gazton Villa had his Ireland flag removed from the Trinity… As he explained:

‘On one side it said ‘My missus doesn’t know I’m Here’ and everyone seemed to get a chuckle from it. Then when I went to swap it over to the ‘I’m not fickle, I hate Ellis too’ side, the stewards got their instructions and it was promptly taken away.’

And continues most succinctly!


He also had a friend who wasn’t allowed to take in a banner saying: ‘Ellis Out – No More Excuses’ into the Witton Lane.


A few banners did make it in, one in the Trinity said ‘Club for Sale – Time For Change’ (yes, the old VFC one, kindly taken in by Lee Lindsay.

In the Holte the ‘We’re not fickle, we just don’t like you’ made another appearance, Ellis Out and DOL out banners were up. One said ‘Time to stop the decline, time to go now Doug and a final one said: ‘We were here before you, we’ll be here after’ (or words to that effect).

Despite that, the mood at Villa Park seemed to be one of resignation and acceptance that the mess will continue.

Depressing end to a depressing season.


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  • cannot say I am surprised at this, makes it a little bit of a shame the taxi for O’Leary box for Ellis one taken ! The reduction in attendances will be the only really effective weapon I think

  • So when O’Leary was “bragging” that 2 banners out of 35,000 people was pretty good, he was lying out of his teeth?!? You’ll be pleased to know, in the post highbury celebrations, when O’Leary’s message was read out it was greeted with boo’s 🙂

  • I went to the game on Sunday and could not believe how poor Sunderland were, they were forced to substitute 2 players right from the start. Being a rare visitor to VP, one thing I noted was how good Cahill and Milner were. I cannot believe that our mana

  • 2 Banners! I counted about 7 and I had 2 personally! Again, O’Leary using Spin to divert the attention away from the pressure that lies upon him and Ellis for underachieving.

  • If you turn up to the game, Eillis has taken your money and therefore doesn’t care what you’ve got to say. Its a pity that McCann is coming in for criticism as whatever you think of him he does give 100% every game.

  • In response to the Site Poll, Ellis cannot afford to pay off O’Leary so will no doubt leave him in charge!

  • agree Lee, they can’t afford to sack him. McCann has gone backwards as the season has progressed imho Andrew, he does give his all but sometimes we lack bite?

  • If banners were obscene or offensive then fine, get them taken down, confiscate them, whatever. But if they were expressing opinions of the supporters, then surely they should be allowed to be displayed. Seems to me that someone in the Villa Park hierarch

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