Date: 1st March 2018 at 4:08pm
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I`m been mulling this one over and I am still not quite sure why there seems so much impatience and moaning the moment something goes wrong?

8 wins out of 10 Only 1 loss in 10. Winning well at times, winning ugly at times, both great habits to have. I’d have snapped off your hands if I’d been offered that at the time we slipped to 9th. #AVFC #UTV

And I think this supercomputer might be less than super… I have faith!


And a few other responses from where the supercomputer was telling us all we`d finish:

Yes, if we don’t make automatic promotion, I feel too many draws early season may well prove to be our downfall. If it has to be the play-offs it will have to be the case of ‘we go again, again’.
Pride of Lions

That seems to be predicting we will win 7, draw 2 and lose 3 of our last 12 games. Looking at the fixtures the 7 wins looks about right, so the difference between auto and playoffs could be those other 5 games. Draw 4 and only lose 1 and that’d give us 88 points which should see us up.

This is the same computer that has already predicted both Derby & Bristol City would finish 2nd, it never takes an up or down turn in form into account. Long way to go yet

We are going to win 10 of our remaining matches. Probably.

My worry with the play offs is the uncertainty it gives the club for planning for next season. They still won’t know which league we are buying for, if the loan signings can be signed, etc etc… Very worrying.

And agree garygaryshaw, more twists and turns to come
The Fear


7 Replies to “Cheer Up Villa Fans – Why So Serious And Frustrated?”

  • If we do our job, I won’t be bothered about anyone else, so it’s up to us. Sure there’ll be twists and turns, but togetherness should pull through.

  • Just seems some are waiting to be angry and although some of the football isn’t exactly pretty, it’s not going to be in this division is it?!

  • In my view winning the leaguue is still mathematical possible so stick that in your data bank Mr Computer.

  • The worry stems from the fact. if we in this league another year, we most likely going to stay for a while. Ffp in year 3 is going to bring proper austerity. Our best players are out, which don’t help. It is critical that we go up this year. Without kodja

  • With our solid team in most positions, over the season I feel it’s the couple of really good players or badly failing players that ultimately will make a whole lot of difference to whether we end up going up automatically, or entering the play-off lotter

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