Date: 19th October 2009 at 5:09pm
Written by:

1) So, fair result on Saturday? Any complaints?

Plenty! I wanted three points! How dare you expose our weaknesses from set pieces, how dare Freidel expect our one-on-one strikers to hit the ball straight at him! Seriously, we’ll play a lot worse and win! I guess Villa Park remains our bogey ground, one win in the last decade – doh!

2) The penalty… nailed on certainty I’m sure you’d agree?

As John McEnroe would say – “You cannot be serious!” We had four even more nailed on penalties against Barcelona and have you heard us moan about it! Awarding it would have been particularly harsh.

3) What did you make of the ref, being as he was on your side I’d assume you quite liked him but blimey, wasn’t he slow?!

Are you Alex Ferguson in disguise! I couldn’t believe how your lot was getting so sarcastic; give the lad a chance he was a stand in after you poisoned Steve Bennett with a flu-inducing cup of tea soon after he arrived!

4) For me seeing John ‘I would love a blue badge to park in disabled spaces’ Terry so upset was lovely, I noticed on a blog a Chelsea fan having a laugh at the toddler tantrum when the second goal went in, did it make you chuckle even ever so slightly? To be fair though, instead of blaming the other players, should he not look at himself also? Some of his play acting, although funny, was a bit over the top surely?!

It showed he cared unlike some out there! It might have been a touch funny but not a patch on Anelka mugging O’Neill on the touchline now that was funny.

5) Wide open league, despite the fact obviously as a Chelsea fan you want to win every game, but it is getting more interesting isn’t it? Maybe the top four isn’t as solid as it once was?

It’s still early days but like you say it would be nice to have four or five closing in on the perennial winners Manchester United. Crying shame (not) to see Liverpool struggling though!

6) Honest opinions on Villa? Must admit from my point of view I came out delighted as it appeared to be a totally deserved win with no controversial decisions in our favour.

You worked hard, you started well and Carew, late on, could have made it 3-1 if his feet were two sizes bigger. But saying that if we’d have taken our chances we’d have been out of sight. What’s happened to Ashley Young though?

7) Where will you finish this season and where will Villa finish?

I hope we finish top of the pile and in the first few weeks of the season I was fairly confident but the last two away games have dented that belief. With the pack closing in on the big four there may not be much between the top six or seven this year and there’s no reason, with the pace you have in your side, of being there or thereabouts.

8) Anything to add? Despite the result, hope you had a good trip up, did you sample any of the pies?!?!

Champions League this week, remind me what it’s like to win the big trophy! My lad and his mate took my ticket in the end due to illness in the household, he cursed about the train fare, he cursed about how long it took to get home, he cursed about the result, he cursed our defending, he cursed our woeful luck but he did say your ground was sick! The youth of today, never happy, even when he’s spending my money! As for the pies, not worthy of a mention from the 16 year old casual!

With thanks to the ever helpful Merlin from Vital Chelsea.