Date: 26th August 2016 at 2:17pm
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A little bit of confusion over the role that Chris Samuelson did or didn`t play at Aston Villa and/or Recon Group.

I have to say, I`m perfectly happy with the fact it appears he will now have no part to play at Villa (as we already knew as he appeared briefly on and was then removed) or The Recon Group.

You can see the previous article on this here: Director Missing In Action At Aston Villa?

However, the tweets are a bit strange from Xia on it. show how those at Reading think of the guy in this classic quote:

He was originally named as a director on the club`s website – but his name then vanished, with reports instead claiming he had been appointed as head of Recon Sports LTD – the parent company with an office address registered to Villa Park.

But from what I understand he has now left completely – and it wasn`t his choice. What a shame!

Companies House does show that he was part of Recon BUT this is a formative company so they`ve obviously changed their plans.

08 Aug 2016 Termination of appointment of Christopher Richard Leney Samuelson as a director on 1 August 2016

A couple of other changes as well:

08 Aug 2016 Termination of appointment of Keith Wyness as a director on 1 August 2016 (NOTE… this is from Recon NOT from AVFC) Previously: 21 Jul 2016 Appointment of Mr Keith Wyness as a director on 20 July 2016

25 Jul 2016 Registered office address changed from 18 Hand Court High Holborn London WC1V 6JS England to Villa Park Trinity Road Birmingham B6 6HE on 25 July 2016

This could well just be the limited possibility to fully communicate on Twitter (only 140 characters) to be fair. All in all, not in the slightest bit upset that Samuelson isn`t involved.

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