Date: 14th June 2018 at 7:00pm
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Stan Collymore most recent comments on Twitter about Jack Grealish caused a bit of a stir among fans. The former striker said that our no.10 “owes us nothing” and that he wouldn’t begrudge the player moving to a Premier League club to further his career.

It may be true that Jack has no obligation to remain loyal, but at the moment, considering our situation, it is what is best for the club as a whole which should be considered first and foremost.

If we do turn down the reported £15m offer from Tottenham, as I hope we will do, it won’t be because we are trying to hold the midfielder’s career back, but because we believe we need to get value for money for a star talent to ease our financial situation.

You have to remember too, this is not a player who is desperate to leave us. We have given him his chance of first-team football and guided his development as a footballer from a young age.

Grealish has made it clear that he feels a sense of loyalty to the manager too after Bruce visited him regularly in hospital following surgery on his kidney.

Certainly, there is huge financial pressure to sell, but there isn’t that same level of urgency to be sold on the player’s side of things. As Collymore states, Jack would benefit from being coached by a manager like Mauricio Pochettino, but that doesn’t mean his development will stall if we reject this offer from Spurs.

There are a number of interested Premier League clubs that our no.10 could go to, but crucially, they must meet our valuation. I’m not one of those fans who advocates keeping the midfielder at all costs, we have to be realistic in our current situation but it must be the right deal for the club, rather than just for Grealish.

Daniel Levy will have to at least double the offer if he is serious about signing Jack, and they are likely to be other teams far more willing to discuss a deal at a higher price.

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5 Replies to “Collymore’s Comments On Villa Playmaker Are Beside The Point”

  • My thoughts entirely.

    I don’t mind Colly, but I sometimes think he needs to pause and reflect before his prenouncements. £15M from Levy is doing the club no favours whatsoever.

    It just feels a bit of a selfish player’s perspective on one man’s future, rather than focusing on the club’s plight.

    • Shock jocks don’t reflect or they don’t get an audience. Collymore is doing his job well, his job is not Aston Villa’s best interests though, it’s about an audience. The more who realise that, the less he becomes a shock jock in the guise of a genuine fan to his own ends. He has bills to pay, cool, we all do. Doesn’t mean he always has to be listened or responded, to.

      • Fair point.

        I do take Colly for what he is (he did work for Talksport, after all),. I rarely heed the majority of the garbage on the net, which is either poorly researched or just plain click bait.

        The football press, in particular, seems to struggle to rise to tabloid level without careful selection from the audience.

        • I love the football press ‘seem to struggle to rise to tabloid level’ but I think I appreciate it on a different level than you do (not a dig). It’s self-inflicted unfortunately in the industry. A football journalist can dream a transfer that makes no sense as present it as a possibility the next day at work. If you work for the Sun, Mail et al you can ‘understands’ or ‘sources close to’ and you’ve never called on it. They chased the ‘audience’ to establish, now they can’t not please and satiate the audience with the BS invention they first attracted them with. They’d go bankrupt if they actually tried to live up to the word Journalism and all that ethically entails. And they can’t now because the bosses would lose bonuses and the writers wouldn’t be able to pay their bills. The vicious cycle they thought they’d got ahead of to make money is now biting them. Reap what you sow.

  • His value will inflate. He is a valuable asset. The price should reflect this. He is the one player more than any other we don’t need to be desperate to sell. There will be more realistic bids. Hopefully, we might still keep him.

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