Date: 20th May 2006 at 1:30pm
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Come on Villa, wake up!

Apparently Carlton Cole, who obviously we had on loan from Chelsea, is now available for just £1million. Spurs are being linked with him but with the imminent departure of Milan Baros, would Carlton not be more interested in a team that can offer him first team football?

On the flip side, Spurs have qualified for Europe and he wouldn’t have to move house to go there!

The Mirror report today that Martin Jol is looking to bid for the striker. If we weren’t held back by Doug, I’d say we should try for him. I know he wasn’t a roaring success last season BUT he is only 22 years old, he has bags of pace and loads of potential. Surely for £1million he has to be worth a chance?

I did a few comments for the Spurs site and have re-produced them here:
1) Spurs have been linked with Carlton Cole. What do you think of that?

Not a lot! I’d think more about it if he was being linked to Villa, especially for the knock down price of £1million.

2) What did you make of Cole when he was at Villa

I made a little fancy hat, a boat and a squirrel out of him.

Seriously though, he disappointed at times BUT when he decided to turn it on, he showed fantastic pace.

3) Has Cole the potential to succeed?

I think the Villa fans were split, but what some don’t seem to take in is that Villa don’t really play to our strikers strengths and rarely get through balls to them.

My personal opinion is Carlton Cole can be as good as he wants to be. That will take belief, if he gets that then I don’t think the word awesome would be an exaggeration. He is a big, strong lad, when he decided to use his pace he was frightening.

I’d welcome him at Villa any day, especially as we will no doubt sell the quality we have left (which thanks to Doug – collective groan – isn’t that much!)

Mind you, he would have to have an honesty test before fitting into our squad, O’Leary does like his ‘honest lads’

I can feel a ramble coming on, suffice to say, he could become an underachiever or he could grow into a top Premiership striker. At the age of 22, with his pace and ability, he is worth the gamble, especially for a fee as low as £1million.


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  • Remember FEn, he is still only 22, most strikers don’t really hit top form until 25 ish, also he hasn’t had much chance at Chelsea. Sadly agree with Skeggy though, £1million is a lot of money for a small club like ours. 🙁

  • He is young, but is he hungry? I haven’t read anything from him as tro whether he enjoyed being at Villa last year, If Angel goes why not have a gamble on him, because I honestly think he will come good. He would have more chance of a start at VP than at

  • he was lazy when he played for us and his herat wasnt in it. He walked rund the pitch some games and hardly ran. Gabby is quicker, younger, more loyal and in my opinion has more potential

  • I think for 1million he is more than worth the risk but any more would be stupid especially as we have very little to spend.

  • He needs a kick up the backside to get him going again and if Mourinho can’t do it then I doubt if anyone can.

  • Everyone seemed to say he was poor and had no hunger when with us. I can’t really comment on that though because the only game I saw that season was Saints away, and he played well then!

  • His heart was very definitely back at Stamford Bridge during his time here, but now that he’s virtually being shown the door by Chelsea, maybe he’ll have a change of outlook and attitude. At 1m he’s well worth a gamble with Tottenham’s budget, but for us,

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