Date: 7th June 2018 at 5:42pm
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Fan Adil Ray took to Twitter this morning to denounce rival fans who were gloating at the state of the club.

The comedian, actor and writer called out those on social media who seemed to be delighted at Villa’s plight:

There was a lot of reaction to the tweet with many supporters of other clubs stating that some Villans had delighted in the misfortune of other teams in the past. Ray admitted that there are bad apples in all fanbases, but all reasonable football supporters should show support as it’s “stupid” to wish another club’s demise when each team relies on the other for the game to exist:

We replied to the tweet ourselves commenting that it’s hard to get your opinion across on social media without getting shot down:


Rivalry in football should always be friendly in my opinion. Football is a game where victories should be celebrated and losses lamented. Revelling in others misfortune is poor sportsmanship, plain and simple. It is petty to want to see another club go through hell, just because some of their supporters had mocked your team’s own plight in the past. Solidarity in such situations is something that all reasonable football fans should be prepared to do. Just like Ray states in his posts.

Our celebrity fan list:

HRH Prince William

ex PM David Cameron .. (and then read auto-queue saying West Ham in a speech but did look embarrassed after!)


Tom Hanks (actor – or should that be one of the most famous actors in the world?!)
Martin Shaw (actor)
Mark Williams (actor – you might have seen him in Harry Potter! and comedian from the Fast Show)
Brendan Gleeson, (actor, appeared in Braveheart, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, 28 Days Later, Gangs of New York, Harry Potter films, AI…)
David Bradley (actor, Harry Potter, other films, tv and stage)
Oliver Phelps (actor, twin from Harry Potter)
Pauline McLynn (actress. Played Mrs. Doyle in ‘Father Ted’)
Ian Lavender (actor, best know as Private Pike in Dads Army)
Chris Marshall – My Family (the tall one), BT ads etc
Jim Hacker, best known as the Prime Minister in TV and Radio Series; Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.
David Moran, ex-Crossroads actor.
Nessa (Ruth Jones) from Gavin & Stacey!!!!!! (Yes we know Nessa was a fictional character!)
If we’re going to go with fictional characters, Lenny Godber from Porridge!
Adil Ray. The main character in the sitcom Citizen Khan.
Greg Davies (the inbetweeners, cuckoo) is a villa fan. the series Cuckoo is set in Lichfield and he’s mentioned the villa a couple of times ??
Helen George who plays Nurse Trixie in Call The Midwife
Domhnall Gleeson actor best know for Star Wars.


Black Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iomi
Brian Travers (UB40)
Several members of bands Duran Duran
Several members of Ocean Colour Scene
Nigel Kennedy (violinist)
John Lodge of The Moody Blues + we THINK Justin Hayward lead singer of the Moody Blues
Kingstanding lad (Atlantic Road) Steve Winwood of Spencer Davis Group + Traffic fame.
Phil Etheridge from The Twang
Pete Way (bassist with rock band UFO)
Colin Abrahall, lead singer of Brum punk rockers GBH.
Chris Storr (plays trumpet in the Jools Holland Band)
Several members of Napalm Death including lead singer Barney
Scott Gorham original Thin Lizzy guitarist
Khan Morbee – Lead singer of South African Alternative Rock Band – The Parlotones
Rich Neville from 5ive
Dave Wakeling of The Beat
Martin Duffy out of Primal Scream
Some say Amy Winehouse (seen with Villa badges on a necklace, not sure if that makes her a fan or…?)


Dr Carl Chinn MBE (local historian, tv and radio presenter)
Jonny Gould, (media radio/tv broadcaster and commentator)
Emma B (radio1 presenter)
Professor and guardian columnist Marcel Berlins.
Vassos Alexander and Phil Williams (both radio 5 live announcers)
Matthew Bannister (radio 5 live?)
Emma Willis (was Griffiths), MTV presenter and model
Pete Colley – Sky Sports reporter
Floella Benjamin 80’s TV Presenter
Radio Highveld DJ Brad Brown
Phil Upton, Radio WM
Rupert Bell sports broadcaster.


Ian Bell (Warwickshire and England cricketer)
Chris Woakes (Warwickshire and England cricketer)
Dan Greaves, a gold medal winning paralympian
Joe Calzaghe – former World boxing Champ
Jim Lewis (owner of the late great Villa fan Best Mate)
Lee Sharpe (?) ex Man Utd
Jane Sixsmith (England Olympic hockey player)
Tom Parsons – high jumper
Craig Kieswetter, Somerset/England cricketer
Dan Bailey, kicker for the Dallas Cowboys
Katharine Merry Olympic 400m bronze medalist
Justin Rose (Golfer, gold medal at Olympics) Chelsea fan but admitted in a tweet ‘soft spot for Aston Villa as well


Gary Delaney, comedian
Howard Hodgson (presenter, author, including best seller Six Feet Under)
Benjamin Zepphaniah (poet)
Mervyn King, (ex Governor of Bank of England )
Jacqui Smith former MP for Redditch and former Home Secretary
Trade Union leader Bill Morris
Lord John Taylor (once briefly in the news when controversially deselected as a black Tory election candidate (Cheltenham, IIRC), also had a brief TV career as a ‘legal eagle’)
Sir Digby Jones, ex head of the CBI
Lee Child. (Author of books in the Pulp Fiction genre specifically know for his series of Jack Reacher books)
Scott Adkins aka the Brummie Chuck Norris…

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9 Replies to “Comedian Adil Ray Calls Out “Disgraceful” Rival Fans Gloating at Villa’s Plight”

  • BREAKING NEWS!!! Villa to feature in this weeks “can’t pay we’ll take it away” on TV tonight, Bailiffs seen removing the turf from the pitch (see photos)

  • Well looking at that list of high earners, maybe we should pass the hat around 40 mil between that lot peanuts,
    Problem solved.

  • I can understand Blu s fans wanting us in trouble, I’m always delighy d when they struggle.

    Other fans though, a bit of piss taking fair enough but revelling in a historic club facing possible termination is uncool. I can honestly say that If it was Newcastle, for example, I’d want them to survive

  • Football without banter is boring. Take it on the chin fellow villains. We will rise again, it’s just not going to be with conman x. X has assets, no way would he claim bankruptcy. He just a kid that went to casino and gambled above his weight. He just needs to reorganize his assets and increase his cash flow. The kid got balls. Chinese are the biggest gambling race.

    • Banter is one thing, I’ve never wanted Blues or anybody else to go out of business for a giggle. I don’t get the Newcastle obsession….maybe it’s me? I said over a decade ago, and some didn’t agree, I want every Midlands related side even as far as Shrewsbury et al to be in the top-flight – then we can have some local rivalry fun because it drives us all on.

  • Cant’ argue, you need banter. I’d also hate any club to go to the wall though personally, love or hate them, fine, but these are our institutions.

  • If we did go out of business Blues fans wouldnt know what to do with themselves – deep down they know they’d miss us. As mentioned above I get why the noses and Baggies are loving it and giving us loads of abuse, I’m sure we would be too if the shoe was on the other foot. However these new Wolves fans who’ve suddenly come out of the woodwork with their plastic rivalry can jog on, we still don’t care about you. Same to the few Newcastle fans who are still upset over a tiny banner 10 years ago. I’ve never wanted another club to go out of business no matter who they are, even those horrible lot down in Coventry.

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