Date: 9th February 2009 at 3:16pm
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Confidence is the key

Not only did we win at Blackburn, not only did we reach a new record of away victories, not only did we move ahead of Chelsea, we did it with some style.

Far from being a totally supreme performance it remains one of the most dominant ones the team have put out, and one where ‘luck’, good or bad, didn’t play that much of a part, even the ref only made one mistake, not to allow the goal from Emile Heskey’s head.

No the dream is alive, and it was achieved by a not too impressive performance from Villa’s wonder boy, Ashley Young, who looked off the pace for most of the game, but still managed as is his want to skin several Blackburn defenders, and make some decent crosses.

James Milner seems to have taken the headlines, especially amongst most Villa fans, probably the need to justify O’Neill’s price paid partly to blame. That said he at least showed that he can play like we know he can, and a well taken goal, left footed too, shows as on his birthday he can do it. All he needs now is to continue to do it.

Talking of continuing to do it, that bald headed giant of a defender Zat knight, continues to surprise with a near faultless display against some of the best strikers in the division, am I surprised, is he you reckon, or is it the confidence that now abounds making a full impact on him too. Petrov, again to my pleasure but continued amazement, went through the game in second gear, and was inspirational at times. His performance allowed Barry to make some of the most ridiculous moves and passes I’ve ever seen from him and he’s usually surpasses most Villa players out on the pitch anyway, but Saturday he excelled again.

Football is about confidence they always say, who are ‘they’ by the way ? Saturdays performance oozed confidence all over our game, and inevitably against a team who had gone 9 games without defeat a victory was assured, thanks to a decent shot from the bloke who rarely shoots and the now obligatory near last minute strike. Oh did anyone notice in the wonder performances of Milner and Petrov and others that little cameo from Gabby?

I say Little because at times, he reminded me of a player we once had who used to do things like run from the half way line past several defenders into the box to score. Gabby didn’t of course, he got close, but Emile got the ball between his legs rather than on the end of one and Blackburn survived. What a run though. He did several others too, eventually finding
himself on his right peg and goal number 2 resulted. To think he’d gone all those games without a goal and suddenly he’s done it again. Some of his movement was of the best quality, creating space for all around him, Blackburn’s defenders were nearly at panic levels at times and its no wonder, put two men on Ashley you have to worry about Milner, do the same there and you have Gabby, and he scores goals, even disallowed ones and that frightens teams.

Improvement all around in a match many in the pre-match forecast had us down for a fall and for me confidence was the key. That and a superb Gabby Agbonlahor.



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  • avfc48 . If you are suggesting that Bentley or SWP are more effective/influential/better than Milner you have been watching different games to me.

  • sirdennis, where did I say, suggest, intimate that. Show me

    All I said was they are both like Gabby and Ashley players, who make things happen, nothing more nothing less. They, by the style of play attack forwards into the penalty area and throw in the odd cross. Milner rarely gets past the first man, rarely crosses from wide accurately, but is remarkably good at a high work rate and of popping up at the right time to make influential passes. Where he has always failed for me, is his consistency, he doesn’t do it often enough but has shown Saturday and on his Birthday he can be very effective. I like the bloke always have although I maintain he used to be a one trick pony and he cost too much.
    That doesn’t mean I hate him, don’t rate him, or am having a knock at O’Neill, sorry.

  • A bit harsh? I don’t think so. I often disagree with posters on here but this guy is the only one I actually dislike. The man clearly hates MON and it taints everything he posts. This is why he has to modify everything he says, in case it looks like MON is being “successful”. From minute one of MON’s time at Villa he has criticised the man, his style, his purchases (without offering any alternatives), and has never, to my knowledge, acknowledged him for one jot of the success we are enjoying. I just wish avfc would simply come out and admit that he hates MON, so that we can all read his articles in that knowledge. But he won’t.

  • “Milner rarely gets past the first man, rarely crosses from wide accurately, but is remarkably good at a high work rate and of popping up at the right time to make influential passes.”

    The thing is, that is just your opinion, not fact. We all see things differently, that’s the nature of football. Are you saying we should have a team full of Ashley Youngs? Do you not think that would make us a bit one dimensional? The stats show that Milner is not far behind Ashley on assists and goals. MON rates him. Capello rates him. Why should your opinion be any more valid than theirs?

    This site is brilliant if you want to see how a player is doing

    You will see that only one of his passes from wide did not reach a Villa player, where as 3 of Youngs were unsuccessful. Bearing in mind that Milner had more of the ball, then it would lead me to suggest that your assessment of him is wrong.

  • What i don’t under stand is why your aloud to post articles i think this will be last time i will comment on one it ain’t worth me wasting my time.

  • I only judge the team on results, as its a results game. So far Martin your one of the best managers I have ever known in the game of football.

  • Might I suggest that you read your articles and posts very carefully before posting? I only say this because the way you express yourself is sometimes ambiguous, and this would avoid alot of confusion. A quick proof read might prevent all this. Whatever you think of what you have written many people are misinterpreting it, which, as the publisher, is your responsibility. Hope this helps.

  • “At the moment he’s doing great and I’ve said so”. I must have missed the posts where you said MON was ‘doing great’, avfc. Perhaps you could post links to those where you did so? As for the “happy clappers who have been so wrong about O’Neill”, perhaps you could explain what you mean by “so wrong about O’Neill”. This sort of guff is a prime example of your double-talk. What does it mean, exactly? Not a single fact in there, just a great big implication that O’Neill is failing somehow. Say what you mean man! And as for people only posting when Villa are doing well, you’re really having a laugh aren’t you? That’s your game to a tee. We saw negative post after negative post during last summer and in the early part of the season. Oh, and of course when Villa had setbacks (which all teams do, of course). We’ve seen almost nothing from you during the time Villa have been doing so well, presumably because it’s hard for you to post positive things without admitting the manager might just know more than you.

  • BTB – no chance mate. I’ve posted 3 reasonable queries for him to answer in the last few days, and he hasn’t answered one. If you present an intelligent argument he just disappears and then writes another article in a few weeks. He only answers when he thinks he’s got the upper hand. We all know he’s got an agenda – spout as much stuff as possible, one of which will come true so he can crow about it. Most people see through it, so don’t worry too much.

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