Date: 29th April 2006 at 6:05pm
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Alan Curbishley has confirmed that he is leaving Charlton at the end of the season.

Chairman Richard Murray announced on the pitch at The Valley before the game v Blackburn:

‘We sat down yesterday to have a chat and we both decided it was best if Alan left at the end of the season.’

Curbishley is still being linked to the England job but others have linked him several times to the soon-to-be-vacant (?) job at Aston Villa.

O’Leary is under immense pressure and the best he has been able to achieve despite improving the squad this season will be 16th and if we lose/draw v Sunderland and Pompey win, we could finish 17th. Fans have turned on the manager as he has had a few public rows with the fanbase and following a survey of season ticket holders, 2 in 3 have said they won’t renew if the manager stays.

The press are bound to start linking Curbishley with vacant positions and there will be a Premiership void to fill you would assume when the FA finally get their act together and appoint an England boss (unless they go for O’Neill). There is also the job at Newcastle but whispered links to Villa have rumbled on for a good few weeks now.

My prayer is the rumour that Martin O’Neil wants a return to football and wants a Midlands based team are more than pure fantasy – that said, we’ve a) got to get rid of David O’Leary first b) remember that whilst Ellis remains in charge, we’ll do very little anyway!

What was this article about again? Oh yes, Alan Curbishley to Villa…. you heard it here first, unless you heard it elsewhere, then you heard it here second!

Wonder if Charlton would like a certain Mr David O’Leary, I hear he might be available soon? 😉


Alan Curbishley has been interviewed by Sky Sports and said he would be taking a break and didn’t see himself at the helm of a new club in time for the new season.


14 Replies to “Curbishley To Villa (updated)”

  • “why move from one mediocre side to another ?” says a Miller fan. ;-)) Despite the problems at Villa, it is still a massive job with a massive potential. It will however remain mediocre whilst Ellis decrees it so.

  • Hope he doesn’t come to VP. It would just highlight our lack of ambition. We did passion and flair. We need a manager who will ignite the passion again at VP. Sorry but Curbs just ain’t the fix we need.

  • The Charlton fans have a great affinity with Curbs built up over 15 years. There haves been various periods of disgruntlement in the last 4 or 5 years, but the board have remained very supportive, year in year out. With OUR track record (Me definitely inc

  • I really hope that you are wrong, I think I’d rather keep O’Leary than Souness, better the devil you knnow and all that. (what am I saying, I don’t want either one of them, lets take someone from the Conferance rather than either of those two)

  • The last person we need as a replacement for O’Leary is Curbishley. No one of any distinction will want to move here and work under Ellis. Get the old boy out first, he’s the number one problem.

  • What difference would Curbishly make at Villa, in 15years at Charlton he hasn’t really had any sucess

  • Agree bobby, i think the days of a hard manager like souness are over. Players with over inflated ego’s and millions of pounds in their pockets do not respond to being spoken down to.

  • If Ellis remains, and if he decides that David’s time is up, then no doubt we’ll set our sights on a manager currently unemployed. Cant see Ellis wanting to pay compensation to David O’Leary and his staff, and then to another club for poaching a manager c

  • All these comments illustrate exactly why it doesn’t matter what manager we have. People saying Curbishley won’t bring flair or success? NOBODY will bring flair or success while Ellis is in the chair.

    Curbishley lasted 15 years at Charlton producing

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